Woking Independence Party

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Woking Independence Party
LeaderDanny Clarke
Founded22nd September 2011
Dissolved12th February 2012
Youth wingThe Woking Youth
• Dale Nationalism
• Woking Nationalism
• Woking Independence
Official color(s)Blue
Woking People's Nationalist Party
Dale Republic

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The official political party of the Woking District of the Dale Republic until its merging with the Labour Party of the Dale Republic, creating the Woking People's Nationalist Party. The parties most notable member is its leader and founder Danny Clarke, The founder and former king of the Dale Empire. It was founded to be the party that focused on the independence of the whole Dale Republic as the Republic of Woking. Woking Independence is a Dale and Woking nationalist party and as such focuses on the Dale Republic's internal and external affairs.


Leaders of the Woking Independence Party

Electoral performance

Presidential election results from October 2011.

Election Votes Vote % Outcome of election
October 2011 14 100% Working Independence Party Victory