Woking People's Nationalist Party

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Woking People's Nationalist Party
LeaderDanny Clarke
Deputy LeaderVacant
Founded12th February 2012
Dissolved14th May 2012
HeadquartersCity of St. John's
Youth wingThe Woking Youth
IdeologySocial Democracy
Dale Nationalism
Woking Nationalism
Official color(s)Red
Woking Independence Party
Labour Party of the Dale Republic
Dale Republic

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An former official political party of the Dale Republic the Woking People's Nationalist Party is a nationalist, social democratic and communist party. The parties most notable member is its leader and founder Danny Clarke, The founder and former king of the Dale Empire. It was founded as a result of dale reforms to reduce the number of political parties in the Dale Republic. Woking Independence is a Woking nationalist party and communist party and as such focuses on the Dale Republic's external affairs, especially giving the Dale Republic a strong impact in intermicronational affairs.


Economic policy

The party is against economic cuts to sectors such as military and culture and prefer to find alteratives including introduction of taxes for active dale citizens. The party also supports the use and growth of the Dale Republic Pound and would introduce it as the official currency of the Republic of Woking replacing Pound Sterling as the official currency in the event of Woking independence.

Foreign policy

The Woking People's Nationalist Party is a full supporter of fellow micronations including plans to go to the 2012 Polination conference. Over the time of the Dale Republic's existence they have had two major allies, the former Republic of Berin and currently the Republic of Atlantis. They have had several over smaller allies but treat all their allies while their in power the same, the Woking Independence Party was a major contributor to the Dale Republic's impact in intermicronational affairs.


The Woking People's Nationalist Party promotes the use, development and growth of the Dale Armed Forces, and all other methods of Dale internal and external defence and co-operation in the defence and security with that of the British Armed Forces and British Police. The dale Department of Defence and War also support and promotes development and innovation of micronational weapons, and the party supports the sharing of weapons development information to the Dale Republic's allies.

Jobs and welfare

The Woking People's Nationalist Party is a full supporter of the creation of jobs to better develop the internal workings of the Dale Republic. The Woking People's Nationalist Party has assisted in a wide variety of jobs which allow people to work in the field they wish to work in allowing them early experiences to jobs they want to do at a later age. The Woking People's Nationalist Party has always supported job creation for those who wish to join the Dale Republic.

Energy/Climate Change policy

The Woking People's Nationalist Party is a supporter of the presovation of the environment and tries to take its part in the fight against climate change and tries to cut its own carbon footprint to best benefit the environment and the Dale Republic.

Justice and crime policy


Party Leader

Deputy Party Leader

  • Eamon Ali (2012)

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