Territory of New Campbellford

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Territory of New Campbellford
Flag of New Campbellford (Senya).png
Motto: "Unity is where we stand."
Anthem: O Senya
File:North America
and largest city
Campbellford Town (?)
Official languagesEnglish (de facto), Senyanese.
Demonym(s)Campbellfordian (?)
GovernmentSenyan Commonwealth
• Governer
Mike Keough
• Senyavite
EstablishmentSeptember 12, 2011
• Census
Time zoneUTC -5
This nation is a dependency of the Democratic Environmental Society of Senya

New Campbellford is a territory of Senya. It is distinct for being one of the two Senyan Commonwealth territories located in North America. It was annexed on the 12th of September, 2011.


New Campbellford was annexed on the 12 of September, 2011 to the Senyan Commonwealth. Since then it has gathered a population of 2 citizens and the governor has been Mike Keough.


As a member of the Senyan Commonwealth, New Campbellford has a governor. The governor of New Campbellford is Mike Keough, brother of Nevil Keough, who is the governor of the neighboring territory of Pape. Governor Keough is a representative in the Assembly of the Senyan Commonwealth, occupying the territory's single seat.


New Campbellford is home to the New Campbellford Soccer League, a VMFA certified league in New Campbellford. It is the premier club competition in the territory. The league is currently in it's 2011 season.