Republic of Zephyr

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Republic of Zephyr
Coat of arms
Motto: "Vivant la vie sur une bercuse"
Anthem: To be announced
File:United Kingdom
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentDemocratic Presidential Republic
• President
President Martin
• President
President Martin
• Census
CurrencyUK Pound
Time zoneBritish Time
This nation is a seriously run new-nation project.

The Republic of Zephyr is a micronation founded on 21 April 2011. For four days, it was a completely non-territorial micronation while then Regent Martin I researched exactly how much land he and his family rightfully owned. He found that his nation had a rightful claim to around 450m² of land. On 25th of the same month the nation was originally founded, he annexed his family's land from the UK Government. The nation has since undergone one main structural reform, changing government from the Regency of Zephyr to the Republic of Zephyr.


Zephyr means "a light refreshing wind". Such weather is very pleasant, and as Zephyr intends to be very environmentally friendly, there is a nice resonance in the name. The name is pronounced: "Zeffer".


The original flag of the Regency of Zephyr

Zephyr was formed as "The Regency of Zephyr" on April 21, 2011 by Regent Martin I. For four days, his micronation was run completely non-territorially, but after extensive research they annexed approximately 500m² of land owned by the Regent's family. Straight away, he applied to join the Organisation of Active Micronations, which was at the time the premier intermicronational organisation. Their membership application was passed on 30 April without a single vote of opposition.

There followed a few failed ventures, such as a national forum, a currency and an embassy at the OAM. The nation tried to run before it could walk, and paid the price with a series of failures. The nation entered into a period of stagnation where there was no news for the Regent's blog to report.

Indeed, the next major event for the nation was the foundimg of the Micronational Literary Union on May 27, 2011. There was an immediate subscription to the union, so much so that when the frst festival happened in late June, that both positions of Poet and Fiction laureates were filled. At the start of July, Regent Martin I decided that his nation was in urgent need of reform to stop it from falling into terminal decline. The nation lapsed into a period of inactivity, and did not re-emerge fully until early August, when it resurfaced as the Republic of Zephyr. Sporting a new news outlet (the outpost) and a renewed determination to succeed, the nation hopes to move into a more important position within the MicroWiki sphere.

Government and politics

The government of the republic of Zephyr is run by the President, who is currently President Martin (left) of the Green Party. He is democratically elected by the people of Zephyr, and has supreme power over the government. He appoints advisors and ministers, but ultimately the government is a democratic dictatorship. Elections will be held every six months, and any citizen of Zephyr is eligible for election.

The Green Party believes that everyone should be treated with fairness, equality and respect. We will campaign for green energy, for state-run public transport, and for a restriction upon polluting forms of transport such as cars. We believe that it is important to protect the environment for a better tomorrow. We also believe in strong lawkeeping and adequate healthcare for everyone. When the Republic of Zephyr obtains a sizeable territory, we will help to build a safe, stable and comfortable country for everyone.

Geography and climate

On 24 April 2011, approximately 450m² of land was annexed from the UK to form the Regency of Zephyr's first territory. The land is Zephyr's only province, so it is also the capital, Feliz. Feliz is home to the President, his parents and his cat. The city is in a peaceful countryside setting in the British Midlands, and therefore enjoys a pleasant climate. Temperatures of around 20 - 25oC are normal in the summer, while 0 - 5oC is normal in winter. Overall, average temperatures are approximately 14oC with about 60 cm of rainfall year round.

National Affairs

Law and order

The Regency of Zephyr has not yet released its plans on law and order, but it is expected to heavily favour a peaceful country (with drugs and violence punished) and environmental friendliness. The Regency has disclosed its plans to implement a points-based criminal record system to ensure fairness to all.

Foreign relations

The Regency has not been established long enough to build solid relations with any other micronations. However, there are some micronations that it considers to be legitimate and therefore recognises alongside all macronations: St.Charlie, Molossia, Sealand and Egtavia.

Zephyr founded the Micronational Literary Union, which currently has ten member states, and has also entered into more formal foreign Relations with


Zephyr is a peaceful nation, so it does not have a military and will not partake in wars unless they are attacked first. However, if that unfortunate event does occur, a militia will be raised to defend the country.


Zephyr is a healthy country with no national debt. There is a small but growing national account, with an undisclosed contents. Currently, there is nothing in the Zephyr economy that is worthy of the name.


Zephyrite culture is a vibrant mix of green values, peace and tolerance. There is no defined national religion, and as a tolerant nation, Zephyr will welcome citizens from any ethnic background. The capital city of Zephyr is Feliz, where there is no majority religion.


The MCZ (Media Corporation of Zephyr) publishes The Outpost national news service. There are also plans in the works for a possible YouTube channel or podcast service, but there will be nothing for at least another year.

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