Feliz, Zephyr

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Central Zephyr
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Multicultural
Area claimed c. 130 m²
Population 3 (of which, 1 active citizen)
Currency Ponies (Pegged to the value of ten UK pence)
Time zone British Time
Feliz is the captital of Zephyr

Government website
A map of Zephyr. Feliz is central.
The City of Feliz was established on 24th April 2011 as the capital of Zephyr. It resides within the borders of the original micronational borders and backs onto the Woody Park. Feliz is home to the first three citizens of the Regency, including the Regent himself. The City consists of just one building, but, as Martin I said, "It is the beating heart of the nation, so I grant it city status. It is small but powerful, and I believe it has a good image to be the capital of our great nation." The city building contains living quarters for the Regent and his family, as well as their cat, and also holds the national offices. Feliz means blissful in Spanish. The city is subject to all the laws of the rest of the country, but it is the sole responsibility of the Regent to enforce them.

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