Micronational Literary Union

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Micronational Literary Union
Type: Literary organisation
Headquarters: Undefined
Official Languages: English
Membership: 10
Establishment: May 2011
Website: http://mlu-literary.co.cc
Colours: Blue
Charter: None
Founder: Martin I of Zephyr
Secretary General: Martin I of Zephyr

The Micronational Literary Union is a group that is focused upon raising the standard of micronational writing. Founded on the 27th of May 2011 by Martin I of Zephyr, the MLU considers articulate writing to be of the utmost importance. This is because it is very difficult for micronations to be taken seriously as it is, without the further disadvantage of frequent grammatical errors. Furthermore, one of the best ways to appear more serious to macronations is to match the quality of their publications.

MLU festivals

MLU festivals happen every three months, and decide the three laureates for the next term. There are three sections, one for each laureate.

  • The fiction section is a short story competition. These works must be no longer than 5000 words, and stories can be written about anything so long as they are not sexually explicit.
  • The journalism section is a section for the best factual piece on anything to do with micronationalism. These works must be no longer than 2000 words.
  • The poetry section is a section for poetry. Poems must be no longer than 50 lines and can be written about anything so long as they are not sexually explicit.

Four judges give each work a preliminary score out of five (to one decimal place). Each work's highest and lowest preliminary score is discarded, and the work is given a final score made out of the sum of the two remaining preliminary scores. The four judges are the Secretary General of the MLU and the three previous laureates, except in the first competition, in which three respected micronationalists will judge in place of any laureates.


Secretary General

The Secretary General is the head of the MLU. The Secretary Generalship is a very labour intensive job, as the Secretary General is in charge of all administration, recruitment and PR related to the MLU. The Secretary General is the figurehead of the MLU, and has responsibility for ensuring its continued sustainability. Secretary General elections occur every six months (or earlier if the Secretary General resigns), and the first set of elections will be held in the last week of June 2011 so that the new SG can take office on the 1st of July.

Preceded by: Secretary General of the MLU Succeded by:
Office Created Martin I

27 May 2011 -



As well as the Secretary General, there are three laureates, who ought to be the three best writers in micronationalism. One each is selected for fiction, journalism, and poetry. Laureates are decided every three months as part of the MLU festival.

Preceded by: Fiction Laureate Succeded by:
Office created Ben McKinlay

24 Jun 2011 -

Preceded by: Journalist Laureate Succeded by:
Office created Office vacant

n/a - n/a

Preceded by: Poet Laureate Succeded by:
Office created A.T. Phoenix

24 Jun 2011 -

Member states

The MLU accepts nominations at its website. The following states are currently members of the MLU:

Flag Nation Laureate Joined
FlagofZephyr.png Regency of Zephyr Martin I 27/5/2011
N/A Soviet Republic of Stodænna Representative Smyg 27/5/2011
Senyaflag.png Democratic Environmental Society of Senya Barnaby Hands 27/5/2011
Flag of Thantias.jpg Unified Republic of Thantias Ben McKinlay 28/5/2011
Tfoeflag.png Technological Federation of Erephisia Billy Neil 28/5/2011
Yurtyzstanflag.jpg Yurtyzstan J.J. Hakimoto 29/5/2011
Westlandianflag.jpg Republic of Westland A.T. Phoenix 6/6/2011