European Community of Micronations

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European Community of Micronations (ECM)
Intermicronational community


Headquarters Empire of Myrotania
Official languages English, German,
French, Spanish
Membership 6 member states

President HIM Emperor Thomas I
Vice President HRH Duke Rob
Treasurer vacant
Foreign Affairs Minister vacant

Establishment 2010
Re-Establishment 1 September 2014
Official colours Blue, Yellow
Currency Euro (€)

The European Community of Micronations was founded by Carlos Salazar on 2010 in order to integrate all European Micronations under one inclusive and friendly organization. After years of inactivity, it was remodelled and brought back to life by H.I.M. Thomas I, Emperor of Myrotania on 1 September 2014.

The one criterion for a member state of the ECM is for the micronation to own or claim some land within the European borders.


The European Community of Micronations (shortened to ECM) has four official European languages and one Romance-styled conlang, Volând and the community's official title in those languages is as follows:

  • (EN) The European Community of Micronations
  • (DE) Die Europäische Gemeinschaft der Mikronationen
  • (FR) La Communauté Européenne de Micronations
  • (ES) La Comunidad Europea de Micronaciones
  • (VL) La Comunita Europica delas Micronazioni

Micro-European Citizenship

All nationals of member states are citizens of the ECM. Citizenship of the ECM shall be additional to and not replace national citizenship. Every citizen of the ECM shall have the right to move and reside freely within the territory of the Member States, subject to the limitations and conditions laid down by the Grand Assembly of the ECM.


  • The right of access to all ECM documents.
  • The right to not be discriminated against on grounds of nationality.
  • The right to vote and run for office in ECM Parliament.
  • The right to protection by the diplomatic or consular authorities of other Member States when in a non-ECM Member State, if there are no diplomatic or consular authorities from the citizen's own state.

Member states

Flag Name Leader Population Official Language European Land Claimed
Empire of Myrotania
H.I.M. Thomas I,
Emperor of Myrotania
Myrotanian, English
423 m2 of England,
United Kingdom
Free Republic of Schwanensee
Daniel C.,
President of Schwanensee
Latin, Esperanto and Volapük
375 km2 of Jan Mayen,
Kingdom of Norway
Independent Province of Mancunia
James I,
Duke of the Den
Old High Gallifreyan
18 km2 of England,
United Kingdom
Duchy of Prussian Britannia
HRH Rob,
Duke of Prussian Britannia
English and German
0.38 km2 of England,
United Kingdom
Great Ionia
Mikhail-Aggelos I,
King of Great Ionia
15 km2 of The Hellenic Republic

Join Now

If you have a micronation located within Europe or if your micronations lays claim to land in Europe, then we urge you to join the European Community of Micronations by filling out this form, on behalf of your micronation:

Micronation ECM request