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"▫jaj kra ú vlaµníx"

We're pretty sure that we'll like you

"I Remember"
Official language(s) Cultural—Clar


Capital [not yet established]
Date founded 19 June 2010
Number of citizens ±10 (Mid-2010 estimate)
Number of active citizens ±10 (Mid-2010 estimate)
Government Socialist Democracy
Current leader Trip Rallior, Carter Hall, Ian Tembe, and Alan Salimov
National animal Amoeba

Mondero, meaning piece of the world in Esperanto, is a micronation founded by Trip Rallior in June 2010. There are currently quite a few propositions for land, with the most popular being the Monderan Islands (Esperanto: Monderaj Insuloj) at the bottom of Knotts Island Bay in North Carolina, USA. The government is officially very bluntly socialist, with the Voting Day traditions effectively making it a Socialist Democracy (not to be confused with Social Democracy). The name Mondero has no prefixes.

Land Issues

The original location for Mondero was going to be the group of islands starting at the bottom of Knotts Island Bay in North Carolina, USA, and ending at Jenkins Cove below the islands. However, factors such as the land system in North Carolina have led some citizens away from this proposition and to others, such as this island near Bells Mill Park in Virginia or the entire Lafayette River. The Monderan government supports both of these provinces with the provincial flags. The Monderan Government has moved the Monderan Islands province to two small islands near Morehead in North Carolina.


Monderan politics are a rapidly changing thing, due to micronational alliances and wars, which also tend to flow and change quickly. Mondero usually, when confronted with a possibility to take sides, takes the neutral view. Despite the government's strong socialist bias in their own land, Mondero doesn't look to spread Socialism or, at least, it seems that this is not Mondero's main goal in foreign policy.


Monderans (Esperanto: Monderanoj) are generally outlandish people, yet very kind.



The language for trade and internationalism is Esperanto. Monderans speak a variety of different languages, namely German, French, English, and Esperanto.


It is traditional to, every other Friday, purchase some sort of 'Gear' (field-specific equipment) and share with friends. Usually the result of this is a quickly thrown-together party. It is also a tradition to, on someone's birthday, take him, blindfold him, and throw him into the water, usually from some sort of high ledge. The origins of this tradition are unknown.


Mondero has many national holidays. The main holiday is on 19 Jun and is called Mondero Day (celebrating the founding of Mondero in 2010)

Crime, Law, and Punishment


Citizens vote compulsorily every other Friday (rotated on the opposite 'other Friday' than Gear Friday), referred to as Voting Day. An ultra-minor is defined as any citizen under five years of age. This is used in the 'parent clause' of the will law, below.


The only three forms of punishment, from least to most severity, are:

  1. Shunning by all citizens for any amount of time between an hour and three days.
  2. Temporary banishment for any amount of time between a week to two months.
  3. Permanent banishment, never again to re-enter.

One cannot receive a punishment until they have received all the punishments below it (no 2 without 1, no 3 without 2 and 1).


Crime is defined as one of the following acts:

  • Lying about crime
  • Taking something not belonging to them without express permission from the owner (stealing, looting)
  • Censoring anything for any reason
  • Refusal to vote on voting day (every other Friday, under normal circumstances)
  • Doing what Three Fourths of the population considers kretenaĵo (idiotic behaviour) or anusulaĵo (behaviour of an ass) by Voting Day vote as needed
  • Causing anyone to do anything against their will, or for ultra-minors, their guardians' will
  • Killing any person or animal

The only exception to these are that the government can pardon any action by anyone, including themselves. The government can also give to any citizen a notice that they may do one of the things above and, if convicted, be pardoned. These are extremely rare.

Judging the Law

Government first judges a case and then submits it on Voting Day, letting the public veto the decision if they find the result unjust.


The Governing Body of Mondero is a Socialist Benevolent Oligarchy.

  • The Prime Minister and Minister of Linguistics is Trip Rallior.
  • The Minister of Recreation is Faith Huynh.
  • The Minister of the Military is Carter Hall.
  • The Minister of the Media is Alan Salimov.
  • The Minister of the Law is Ian Tembe.
  • The Minister of Foreign Relations is Monty Karl.
  • The Minister of Medical Affairs is Charles Springer.
  • The Minister of the Bells Mill Province is Josiah Garrett.