Iyabi Republic

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Iyabi Republic

"Peace, fun, friendliness."
South Eastern North America
Capital cityIyabi'ed Capital
Official language(s)Iyabeh, English
Official religion(s)Protestant Baptist majority, religious freedom.
DemonymIyabi'ep, or an Iyabian in English.
- General CaptainJoseph Allen
- Type - Bicameral
Area claimed~2 Acres
Population6 registered, possibly others.
CurrencyThe Dol.
Time zone(UTC)
National sportMonopoly
National animalEublepharis macularius, or the Leopard Gecko
Patron saintN/A

Website Not available currently.

The Iyabi Republic was founded on January 24, 2011 by Joseph Allen. Previously the whole of it had been in the Slinky Republyc, and before that the Slinky Empyre. However, now only a part of the land remains, the rest has seceded to form its own Micronation, under the rule of General Captain Joseph Allen and Captains S. Mitchel, K. Fields, and B. Matthews. These are complemented and aided in their rule by both registered citizens and those who, though not involved in micronational activities, help out none-the-less.


Iyabi officially speaks Iyabeh, the language evolved from a series of languages that grew with the nation as it developed. Iyabi itself is obviously Iybeh, and means "Politics of Us", literally.


The group of people who formed the Iyabi Republic began the ancestor of it around 6 years ago, although it claimed no land and had no government beyond this group. However, these fellows have grown the idea from scratch, and it was only in 2010 when Allen found out about Micronations. Eagerly, and perhaps rashly, he dedicated his colony to the Slinky Empyre. There it sat, until the revolution in which the Slinky Empyre dissolved, or was at least weakened, to form the Slinky Republyc. Spurred on by this, and with a renewed interest in the Micronational communited, Allen and Fields decided, after discussing with the other Captains, decided to become more deeply involved in the micronational community. The obvious solution was to abandon the Republyc, and form a new nation. However, rather a compromise was struck. Instead of withdrawing a good deal of the Republycs citizens, the citizens of Iyabi will have duel citizenship, if the Parliament of the Republyc allows that. A small portion of land has been created in which the Republyc's laws are enforced, but it is bordered completely by the Iyabian Republic.

Government & Politics

Iyabi is a Republic, whose land and citizens are separated into counties. Each county has its own legislature, effectively making the local political system a total democracy. This legislature elects a head of state called the captain (although called a captain, this has absolutely nothing to do with a military. The word stems from a Iyabian word, capan.). The local legislature also elects another person to represent them in the national legislature. The captain himself takes part in another legislature, the second house. If a bill, called a preposition, passed the first house and the second house, then it is passed. The captain of the capitol is also the head of the government, called the General Captain. He is the head of both of the houses, though he only gets to vote in the first house. People in elected positions can remain elected indefinitely, although every year the percentage of votes needed to keep him in office rises 10 percent. For instance, for the first time a new candidate needs 50 percent of the final vote to get the office (the final vote being the last vote taken after all but two of the candidates have been eliminated). If he is running against someone with one year in office, the needed percentage is dropped to 40 percent.

Law & Order

The Judicial system is currently being implemented, along with the constitution. Hence there are no laws to write about.

Foreign Relations

Friendly Micronations

The Democratic Environmental Society of Senya.
The Slinky Republyc.


Iyabi has absolutely no offensive military, although it does have a defense force, the IDF (Iyabian Defense Force). They are armed with little more than their wits, doing things like making non-lethal bombs and traps to snag oppressors trying to irritate, and occasionally, cause physical harm.

Attitude to War

Iyabi is opposed to declaring war unless required, for the safety of its people and or allies. However, we try to avoid war even then, although for the most part its enemies are idiotic brutes who care more about crashing through and breaking all of Iyabian's furniture, equipment, etc. then being diplomatic. They also do not advocate world peace. Although World Peace would be nice, says Joseph Allen, "It is simply not possible."

Geography & Climate

A photo of a forest in Iyabi

Iyabi is located in what is called locally the "pine-belt", an area filled with nothing but pines. The pines are so thick, and grow so fast, that every street that isn't used or isn't paved will be overgrown with trees very quickly.
The temperature around Iyabi typically rarely drops below freezing, even in deep winter. In the summer, temperatures have been reported over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.


At the moment, the currency is being put into the system for use in trade. A bill is being put through that will give all citizens 5,000 dols, the equivalent (although there will be no trading to or from US dollars) of 500 US dollars. This will be used to trade for items made by the citizens, as well as services such as sponsoring a Monopoly or chess competition between citizens, and other such fun.


Iyabian culture is fairly limited, considering the old fashioned nature of most Iyabian buildings. However, the citizens of Iyabi are all very good at different forms of art, and we have a varied and talented group of citizens who help others at the arts. All of the citizens educate themselves, with help from each other. Although the official language is Iyabeh, only a few people know how to use it in everyday conversations. It is usually only used for signs.

The Weekly Tabletop Olympics

The weekly tabletop Olympics, as we call them, occur weekly and host several tabletop board-games, such as Micropoly(Monopoly), chess, and electronic games such as automobile-simulators and flight/space-simulators. The winner of one of these games receives a small reward, and the person who wins the most games receives a medal.

The Official Iyabian Micropoly Board

Break time
Water Road
ChanceIyabi Department
Iyabian Power Grid
Fort Red
Hedge Row
The Pond
Water Purification Plant
Get sucked into the dungeon.
Iyabian School
Residence of J. Matthews
Capitol Street
Weekly LegislatureWeekly Legislature
Residence of B. Matthews
Residence of J. Allen
Fort Lo'apeh
Liverpool Street station
Legislative Meeting Place
Iyabi Legislature Park
War and Peace Road
Recycled Solar Energy Company
Adopt a new county
(pay id^100)
Park Road
In the Dungeon/Playing NetHackCap'iyed
Castle Road
ChanceSecret Meeting Place
Fort Iyba
(pay ^200)
The Large Castle
Weekly LegislatureThe Little Castle
Collect id^200 as you pass
Red arrow.png


A Television network is in the works, however, because of the size of the transmitter, the transmissions travel over the US Border, and as such any and all operators of the transmitter will need a US broadcasting license as well as a Iyabian Licences.

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