Guist War

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Guist War
Date11 November 2010 - 7 February 2011
Status Concluded
Senyaflag.png DES Senya
CR Dallingrad.png CR Dallingrad
Pambia.png Pambia
Flag of Guist.png Guist
Noflag.png St. Mills
Commanders and leaders
Senyaflag.png Barnaby Hands
CR Dallingrad.png Ewan Whitmore
Pambia.png Edward Hunt
Flag of Guist.png Shane Mills
Flag of Guist.png Aiden Robertson
Flag of Guist.png Alex Hobbs
Flag of Guist.png Max Jackson (11 November - 1 December)
Flag of Guist.png Jack Sparrow (1 February - 7 February)
Senyaflag.png 2
CR Dallingrad.png 1
Pambia.png 2
Flag of Guist.png 5

The Guist War was a military conflict between the Friends Alliance nations and Guist between the 11th November 2010 and the 7th February 2011. The war broke out on the 11 th after Alex Hobbs, Shane Mills, Aiden Robertson and Max Jackson saw Barnaby Hands and Ewan Whitmore on the school computers using MicroWiki. Although Max was a friend of Ewan, the four started to pick on them. When Barnaby went home that night, he found Senya's MicroWiki article had been blanked, as well as that of Dallingrad and himself. He immediately declared war on Guist, who themselves made a MicroWiki article about themselves, claiming they were the 'Greatest nation ever' and made a flag of Alex Hobbs' facebook picture, with special effects added to give him a brown moustache.
The war concluded on the 7th after a final battle between Mills and Hands on the 3rd, in which Mills was seriously injured and after a weekend of unsecurity, on Monday the 7th both parties agreed to the dis-establishment of Guist and the neutrallity of Senya.

Causes of the War

The war broke out on the 11th November 2010 after a messagge left on Barnaby Hands' facebook wall. The messagge was in response to an incident earlier in the library at Reepham High School & Collage. The Dictator of the Communist Republic of Dallingrad, Ewan Whitmore, along with Barnaby Hands, the president of Senya, were spotted using MicroWiki at school by library monitor, Aiden Robertson. When Barnaby arrived back home, he discovered a new nation called St.Mills, and immeadiatly contacted the admins, who deleted the nation. The next day, more quarrels continued at school, and overnight, Guist emerged, and Senya declared war.

Black Friday

On Friday the 4th February 2011, Shane Mills and Barnaby Hands both met in room SC1 at around 8:40. Jack Stables, the Senyan minister of sport, decided to attack Mills, throwing him to the floor, after trying to attack Edward Hunt. Mills then tried to attack Ewan Whitmore, but Hands met Mills with resistance. Mills and Hands persued a long fight for about 5 minutes, before Mills spat at a disgruntled Hands. Hands, then picked up a stool an wacked it into the back of Mills, severeally injuring Mills. Mills was attended to by Mr. Rose, who contacted Mr. Edgar immeaditly. The Senyan leader was put into isolation for the following three hours. After that, Hands was to meet with Mills in a Food Technology lesson, were it was established Mills had suffered huge bruising. Hands refused to apologise.
On the Monday after, the Headteacher of Mills and Hands' school summoned them into his office, where he took the side of Hands, who told him all about Senya. The head decided to make both parties sign the Treaty of Whitwell Road, which secured the dis-establishment of Guist and the neutrality of Senya.

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