Grander DaeZig Empire

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Grander DaeZig Empire

Zaxanat DaeZig Zae

Flag of Grander DaeZig Empire Zaxanat DaeZig Zae
Motto Sei-Qon-Si (english: Prosperity, Heritage, Understanding)
Anthem Zii Zaul Vijardin'z Abk

(All Hail the Victor's Blade)

Official language(s) Carsiekan, English, Indonesian
Capital NIKOnet
Largest settlement IndoSinsira
Government Valstrazian Ziggist constitutional absolute monarchy
Leaders Empress: Lord Daesiga

Overseer: Lord Kabaka

B.A. Dir.: Lord Vamont

Established August 1, 2005 (DeathZig Empire)

June 15, 2007 (Grander DaeZig Empire)

Population 1,300 (2008) (all registered subjects included)

The Grander DaeZig Empire (Carsiekan: Zaxanat DaeZig Zae), formerly known (semi-officially) as DeathZig and also known as the Greater DaeZig Empire, is a Valstrazian Ziggist cyber-state consisting of the nations of Vamont, Sinsira and Daezaer. With an estimated population of over one thousand, DaeZig is one of the largest cyber-states in the world. It maintains relations with a wide array of communities and is working to improve its foreign relations. It is a member of the New FinalZig Union. Its world class cyber-military, the Black Army, is a respected and morally well grounded defense force. DaeZig has a recognized tendency towards innovation and modernization. It is home to a progressive culture and is an exporter of Valstrazian Ziggism.

External information

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