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Coat of Arms of Senya

The Democratic Environmental Society of Senya, also known as DES Senya or Senya, is a micronation formed on 27 March 2010. It is located in Norfolk and is an enclave of the United Kingdom. In macronational terms, it is completely landlocked by the British constitutional country of England, and in micronational terms it is landlocked entirely by the Educational Republic of Rukora.

The nation is ruled by a parliament consisting of six members. Five of these members are given the title "Minister of," followed by the name of the Ministry which they run. The sixth member who is not given a ministerial title is the Vice-President. The leader of the winning party in each election becomes President, who is in charge of the running of the country. The president takes care of internal affairs, and foreign affairs if they so choose. Another official is the Senyavite, who is a ceremonial monarch, who is elected every six months by means of an online poll. The government currently consists of a Bolivarian-Communist coalition. Read more...

Featured Article

President Barnaby Hands of the Democratic Environmental Society of Senya OOTP, DES, KOS, is the founder and current President of the Democratic Environmental Society of Senya. He also retains citizenship in both Überstadt and Dian. He was a controversial micronationalist, especially during the Handspuppet Scandals. He resides in the Aspergic Empire of Dian, while sharing his home with his close family.
Barnaby attends school with both the Dallin leader Ewan Whitmore, and Pambian president Edward Hunt. Jack Stables, a Senyan citizen also attends, as does Shane Mills, leader of the infamous Holy Empire of Guist, who had a war with Senya in early 2011. Hands was also noted for his videos during Yablokogate, and his message to stop the scandal was emphasised by Alexander Reinhardt and Marka Mejakhansk, who were responsible for the "Keep calm and carry on" YouTube video.

Did you know...

  • ...that Senya's national football team have scored more goals than any other micronational side in history?
  • ...that Senya is the smallest member nation of the OAM ever?
  • ...that the denonymn of Senya is "Senyan", but is commonly mistaken as "Senyanese", which is actually the name of a language?
  • ...that Senya's first ally outside of the Friends Alliance nations was the Republic of Ultamiya, who share the same foundation date as Senya?
  • ...that the national anthem of Senya, "O Senya", was originally released as a Togolese independence song?

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Today is Thursday 16 of February, 2023.

  • Sep 11 - Klopfzeichen announces "Energy" recording nearly complete.

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