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Dale's Portal
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Flag of the Dale Republic

Dale and officially the Dale Republic is a European micronation founded in May 22 of 2011 as the Kingdom of the Dale Empire in the English Woking district. It's completaly landlocked by the United Kingdom. The former regime of this nation was the former dale royal family, and during the monarchial government in the Dale Kingdom and it's Empire it claimed territory around the world including America, Canada, China, South Africa, Portugal, Denmark, Germany as well as England. In September 8th, 2011, the monarchial regime was abolished itself by the King of the Dale Empire and the Republic was entablished. The Dale Government trys to follow a policy of neutrality and peace. The Dale Republic is a member of the Triple Alliance, a member state of the OMAP and a founding member of the Inter-Micronational Treaty Organization. Read more...

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The Dale - Berin Union (in Spanish: Unión Berin-Dale) was a diplomatic, military and economical alliance between the Dale Republic and the Republic of Berin. The union was created after the Republic of Berin and Kingdom of the Dale Empire increased their diplomatic relations and decided to futher increase these relations with the creation of a multipourposes union. The union fell apart when the Republic of Berin merged the Nemkhav Federation, becoming the sixth micronational state to do so. The Dale Republic has since been strongly against the move by the Berinese goverment.

Did you know...

  • ...that the Dale Empire Pound 2011 edition remains in effect?
  • ...that the Dale Republic claims the entire Woking district?
  • ...that the Dale flag is just an upside down dutch flag, yet no other country has the same flag?
  • ...that the there is one party per district and if a new party is going to be made that party gets it's own district?
  • ...that the Republic of Woking is also an official name for the Dale Republic?
  • ...that the Dale Republic founded both IMTO and the IAA?

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An The Dale Republic has continued the tradition to take massive pride in it's military being a micronation it has no major army buy does consit of a well orginised fireteam.

Large parts of the Dale Military were part virtual to give the former Dale Empire Armed Forces a better area of conflict. These were the Virtual Dale Air Force, the Royal Dale Tank Brigade and the virtual Lynx helicopter or the Royal Dale Marines, however a majority of this virtual sector has been removed to make the Dale Armed Forces appear more professional to other micronations.