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The Senyan Honours system is the system of orders, decorations and medals which are awarded to recognise achievements of, or service by, Senyan or others in connection with the Democratic Environmental Society of Senya and the ideals it upholds or the wider micronational community. Both military and civilian awards are gifted and are not limited to citizens of Senya and can be given to foreign citizens. Senya seeks to ensure that those who make contributions to society be recognised and be given credit where it is due. The President is responsible for giving out the awards, but nominations can also come directly from the Senyan population and any citizen may nominate any micronationalist for an award. The nominations are reviewed and approved/rejected by the President. There is no quota to the amount of awards given.

Order of the Phoenix

The Order of the Phoenix was given out during January 2011, to six micronationalists. These were scrapped in July 2011, to make way for new awards. However, recipiants of the award were all allowed to keep the position.

Order of Senya

The Order of Senya is awarded to Senyan citizens and citizens of other member nations of the Friends Alliance. The award is split into three sections, Order (OOS), Member (MOS) and Knight (KOS).





  • Tiger Tim - 11 July 2011, Leader of the Cat Party
  • Goldie - 11 July 2011, MP of the Senyan government
  • Arshavin - 11 July 2011, citizen of Senya

Order of the Democratic Environmental Society

The Order of the Democratic Environmental Society (DES) is an award founded on the 11th July 2011. It is given to people who have made an outstanding contribution to Senya, and can be given to citizens and foreign micronationalists alike. Recipiants are granted to use DES in their name.


Order of the Hands

The Order of the Hands is given to foreign micronationalists who have made a contribution to micronationalism and/or Senya. It is divided into three sections, Member (MOH), Master (MAH) and Commander (COH).



  • Craitman



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