Luke of Secundomia

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Luke of Secundomia
Governor of Merenneitoja
in office:
President Parker I
Predecessor Merenneitoja founded.
Successor Incumbent
Personal information
Political party Secundomian Conservative Party
Religion Christian

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Cabinet Crisis

Luke is a former Secundomian micronationalist. One of the most influential members of the Republic of Secundomia in 2009 and 2010, he was elected president twice and often held other high political offices. He was relatively inactive on in the intermicronational sphere, spending most of his time advocating domestic political goals.



Luke is Christian and currently attends a church that is non-denominational, though it is affiliated with Baptists.

Political Stance

Luke is conservative, what some would call centre-right.

Political Spectrum 4.jpg

Global Warming and Environmentalism

Luke does not believe in man-made global warming, and is opposed to most types of Environmentalism.

Micronational History


Preceded by: Co-president of Secundomia (office 2) Succeded by: [[File:{{{image}}}|30x30px]]
Spencer I of Secundomia January 1st 2009-February 1st, 2010 Spencer I

December 2009 Secundomian Elections

See: First Secundomian Elections


To beat out the competition in one of the first Secundomian elections, Luke promised to add more members to Secundomia. He argued that Parker I and Spencer I had deliberately set up the Constitution so that they could always remain in power. His slogan was "Vote for Luke and Vote for Freedom."


Luke got second place in the elections and was awarded co-presidency.

January 2010 Secundomian Elections

See: main article


Luke again attacked Parker I and Spencer I, saying that Spencer "had done nothing for Secundomia" and that Parker "tried to infringe upon your rights."


Luke was ousted from his presidential spot, replaced by Spencer. In a tiebreaker with Parker, he lost 2 to 1.

February 2010 Secundomian Elections

See: Main article


Luke lost in the primaries.

March 2010 Secundomian Elections


Luke advanced out of the primaries and nearly won the Elections, but a late surge of votes from Lower Secundomia kept him out of office.

July 2010 Secundomian Elections

Luke won the Elections this year after being nominated by the Conservative Party.

September 2010 Secundomian Elections

In the September 2010 Secundomian Elections, Luke won the Conservative party nomination. Parker I and Spencer I ran against him as independents. Parker I achieved victory, and removed the incumbent Luke from office.

Awards and decorations

Secundomia Official Flag.jpgPresident's Honor Badge