Republic of Voitokas

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Republic of Voitokas

2010 — 2010 (de facto), 2011 (de jure)


Kansas, Western Secundomia
Capital cityHalstopia
Largest cityQuivira
Short nameVoitokas
Government"Democracy", Constitutional Republic, "pseudo-republic"
- Number of seats - 6

The Republic of Voitokas was a short lived micronation founded in 2010 near the Republic of Secundomia by a former citizen of Secundomia.

Coup d'Etat and Foundation

Halstopia was a small Secundomian state founded in the far west of Secundomia, bordering Luke's Territory. It was the second state to join Secundomia after Middle Secundomia. Several days after foundation, the founder lost control of the nation in a coup d'etat by several citizens of the state. These citizens used military power to return the state to the United States of America. Shortly after the coup, H, the founder of Halstopia, covertly started his own micronation, without the knowledge of the Secundomians or the Americans who carried out the coup. He sent out letters to many people close to him, including several Secundomians. The nation adopted a Constitution and became known as Voitokas.

Finland Project and Secundomian Intervention

Shortly after the foundation of Voitokas, Luke of Secundomia, being close with H, received a letter of invitation. Luke, remaining loyal to the Secundomian government, accepted the letter, but not without notifying Parker I, the current leader of Secundomia. Parker I and Luke decided to investigate the developments of Voitokas, using Luke as a chief agent. This was called the Finland Project. Luke continued to observe legislation and developments of the government. However, after several months, according to Luke "Voitokas never got off the ground." The project continued until mid-2011 when it was declared by the government that there was no threat of Voitokas succeeding. The project was declassified.

Collapse and Reclamation by Secundomia

Less than a month after it's inception, both the leader and his citizens lost interest in the nation. The nation became heavily inactive, and, although it has never been declared collapsed, remains so through 2012. During a Secundomian Land Grab in 2011, the former capital land of Voitokas, also known as Halstopia, was annexed as part of Merenneitoja.

  1. Misspelling of "Council"