Republic of Voitokas

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Republic of Voitokas
Coat of arms
[[File:Kansas, Western Secundomia|frameless|upright=1.15]]
Largest cityQuivira
Government"Democracy", Constitutional Republic, "pseudo-republic"
Legislature"Consul" [sic][1]
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Republic of Secundomia

The Republic of Voitokas (pronounced [vɔɪtoʊkəs]) was a short lived micronation founded in 2010 near the Republic of Secundomia by H of Halstopia.


Voitokas is a Finnish word meaning "victory." The name was chosen by H and voted on by the citizens of the young country to reflect a hopeful triumph despite its bloody history and the dangers posed by its much larger neighbor, Secundomia. Finnish was likely chosen as a reflection of its location bordering the Secundomian state of Merenneitoja also named using a word from the language. The heavy use of Finnish in the country's mythology was reflected in the codename Finland Project for the Secundomian Intelligence Agency's mission to conduct surveillance on the nation.



The land that eventually became Voitokas began as Halstopia, a small Secundomian state in the far west of Secundomia bordering Luke's Territory. It was the second state to join Secundomia after Middle Secundomia. Several days after foundation, the founder lost control of the nation in a coup d'état by several citizens of the state. These citizens coopted military power to return the state to the United States of America.


Shortly after the coup, H, the founder of Halstopia, covertly started his own micronation, without the notifying the Secundomian government and circumventing the authority of the Americans who carried out the coup. He sent out letters to several people close to him, including several Secundomians, including Seth I and Luke of Secundomia. The nation adopted a Constitution and became known as Voitokas.

Secundomian Intervention and Collapse

Finland Project

Shortly after the foundation of Voitokas, Luke of Secundomia, being close with H, received a letter of invitation. Luke, remaining loyal to the Secundomian government, accepted the letter, but not without notifying Parker I, the current leader of Secundomia. Parker I and Luke decided to investigate the developments of Voitokas, deputizing Luke as an agent in the newly founded Secundomian Intelligence Agency. This was called the Finland Project.

During the project Luke observed legislation and developments of the government. However, after several months, "Voitokas never got off the ground." The project continued until mid-2011 when it was declared by the government that there was no threat posed by Voitokas and the project was declassified by the SIA. Although the dual-citizenship of Seth I was revealed by the Finland Project, the Secundomian justice system never pressed charges of treason. At the time of declassification, Seth I was no longer a member of Secundomia having left during the Cabinet Crisis.

Aftermath and Annexation

Less than a month after it's inception, both the leader and his citizens lost interest in the nation. The nation became heavily inactive, and, although it never officially disbanded, remained completely dormant. During a Secundomian Land Grab in 2011, the former capital land of Voitokas, also known as Halstopia, was annexed as part of Merenneitoja.



According to information unveiled by the SIA, government of Voitokas was temporarily ruled by a "consul [sic] of the original founders of Voitokas." [2] Voitokas was intended to become a constitutional and presidential federal republic but this was on hold until "the population of Voitokas reaches at least a dozen citizens and three states," [3] however this condition was never reached.[4]

The use of the terminology "Consul" was subject to some discussion by the SIA. The Constitution of Voitokas defined the consul as containing all signatories to the document.[5] Thus, this was not similar to the consuls of Rome (who were chairmen of the Senate), or the consuls of the early Republic of Secundomia as it transitioned from the First Kingdom who were the two leaders overseeing a merger and draft of a constitution. SIA intelligence concluded that "consul" was in this instance a misspelling of council.[6]

Legal Authority

Voitokas was a simulationist micronation with a heavily tongue-in-cheek attitude. The constitution of Voitokas recognized its own legal authority, referring to itself as a "pseudo-republic" that had "pseudo-seceded" from the United States of America. Voitokas explicitly ceded legal authority to the United States in the matters of criminal law. The constitution clearly and unequivocally stated Voitokas "has no, and desires no official recognition by the United Nations or any other international diplomatic organization." The Secundomian Intelligence Agency believe that the clarification was intended to avoid conflicts with the same Americans who carried out the Halstopian Coup.

Constitutional Amendments

The constitution could be amended by a unanimous congressional vote that passed veto of the president or a citizen vote that required 66% public approval. To the knowledge of the SIA, no such amendment took place. These requirements were also necessary for the dissolution of the constitution. Due to this quirk, Voitokas was technically never dissolved but became so inactive that Secundomia saw no resistance when claiming territorial authority over the country.


Voitokas was lead by the Eutopian Party. H was known as a fierce supporter of the American Democratic Party, as was Seth I (a member of the Secundomian Liberal Party). Seth and H dominated politics in Voitokas and other citizens were known for their Liberal outlook. However, Luke was member of the Secundomian Conservative Party. Ideological struggles did not dominate the country and Voitokas was known by the Secundomian Conservatives as harboring largely liberal-democratic beliefs.

Foreign Relations

Voitokas was a hermetic nation and did not conduct any significant intermicronational relations even with its neighbor Secundomia. Its ability to conduct relations was heavily limited as it lacked presence on any intermicronational forum. The leader of the consul, H eschewed in person or virtual relations with Secundomia and particularly Parker I whose email was blocked by H. These factors hamstrung intermicronational contact as Parker and Secundomia were the largest conduit between the larger microworld and the Secundomian Sector.

Voitokas also had a declaration of neutrality in intermicronational war, another contrast with the more combative Secundomia. War was not entirely ruled out by the constitution providing exceptions for when Voitokas was invaded, threatened or there were direct violations of human rights. Despite this pacifist perspective internationally, the history of Voitokas involved civil unrest and the government of Secundomia looked on these declarations skeptically regarding Voitokas as a threat to their regional hegemony.


The geographic area of Voitokas was poorly defined both internally and externally. Its hermetic and secretive status raised questions about its ability to exercise even limited sovereignty over its claimed area. It is generally understood to have contained the area of Halstopia, its capital city located just south of Merreneitoja. Quivira was the largest city in Voitokas, containing 2 citizens, located to the east of Merreneitoja and west of Middle Secundomia. Unlike all other Voitokans, the citizens of Quivira were never registered as Secundomians at any point, although they later fell under the territorial jurisdiction of Upper Secundomia territory.

Rough map of the Secundomian Sector including Voitokas (blue)

Luke of Secundomia and Seth I were also signatories to the constitution while maintaining their status as Secundomian citizens, residents and governors of Merreneitoja and Leospecsia respectively. Neither the Secundomian or Voitokan constitutions prohibited dual citizenship, a fact used to Secundomia's advantage during the Finland Project. Neither Luke nor Seth ever registered territory in Voitokas, however, effectively making them expats.

Economy and Culture

Voitokas was given little time to develop a diverse economy or culture. The country was known for its affinity for Baseball, which while never achieving the status of national sport, was widely practiced across the nation.


Voitokas was not a racially diverse state. Every citizen was white and male, a fact attributed to its youth and limited size. No members were known to practice religion and much of the leadership were outwardly atheist.

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