Republic of Sterling

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Republic of Sterling
Coat of arms
Motto: Forever Surviving
Anthem: TBD
File:Charcot Island
CapitalRoyal City
Largest cityNone
Official languagesEnglish, Secundomian
GovernmentPresidential Republic
EstablishmentJanuary 26th, 2010 (As Kingdom), June 14, 2012 (As Republic)
• Census
1 (official)
CurrencyUSD -5

The Republic of Sterling (ROS) was the successor state to the Colony of Sterling. The Republic of Secundomia renounced colonial governship of the Colony of Sterling on June 14, 2012. The Republic of Sterling was created. Sterling was combined into the Republic of Sterling and Tergumterra. After the May 13th Coup d'Etat the lands of Sterling were incorporated into the Third Kingdom


Sterling is a boy's name of English origin that means "genuine" or of "high-quality."


The KOS was formed as a vassal of Secundomia on January 26, 2010, because Parker I felt he was losing power of his republic, Secundomia. So he created an absolute monarchy. He did not want to leave Secundomia, however, so the KOS remained a vassal. It was originally founded only with the Territory of Iceia. Iceia consisted of all the ice in the Arctic ocean. Parker I soon expanded to Southern Pluto (Southern Plutopia), and Mercury. Soon Northland (A capital area consisting of the North pole and an area 40 feet radius around it), and Ida (243 Ida, an asteroid in the Kiuper belt) were claimed. Mercury was split into North Mercury and South Mercury. The Duchy of Charcot was formed out of Charcot Island, Antarctica. Sterling joined the AMU, and shortly after dissolved all Extraterrestrial and Antarctic claims, and moved the entire kingdom to Charcot. After the Kingdom of Sterling became inactive and unused, the King of Sterling abdicated, and formed the Colony of Sterling under the Republic of Secundomia. Parker I was assigned as protector of the colony. J became protector of the colony after him, as appointed by the President. Almost a year after J moved away from Secundomia, Parker I founded the Republic of Sterling on June 14, 2012.

Government and politics

The Government of the Republic of Sterling is a dictatorial presidential Republic, with the Military president entitled to absolute power.

Geography and climate

Sterling consists of Charcot Island, located near the Antarctic Peninsula. The Island was selected for membership in the AMU, after searching for the largest unclaimed island area in Antarctica. Charcot is barren, cold, and is mostly covered with ice and snow, except for the central mountain.


Media in Sterling is largely supplied by the Republic of Secundomia. Secundomia's lead company, Secundomian Media operates in the Region.

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