Empire of Atlan

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"Atlan" redirects here. The Empire of Atlan is not to be confused with Altania

Atlan (officially the Empire of Atlan) was a micronation in the Secundomian Sector that reached its prominence in late 2009 to 2010.


The Empire of Atlan was formed due to the secession of a Secundomian state by the name of Atlan in December 2009. The state had joined Secundomia during the early days of the Republic, however, Atlan seceded during a conflict over the presidency between Parker I and Luke of Secundomia. The Empress of Atlan declared the secession of the state and establishment of the Empire of Atlan.


Shortly after the formation of Atlan the nation went into dormancy, despite efforts of diplomacy from Secundomia. The Empire did not go through any major changes until March 2010. During this time Atlan received its first official flag, drawn by the Empress. The flag was based upon the Secundomian flag (which was in turn based on the Empire of Japan's flag), but featured a small object in the center that appeared to be a blob with eyes and legs. The flag was not drawn with any official colors.

Rejoining and Return to Independence

Atlan rejoined Secundomia in April 2010. Atlan played a role in the Cabinet Crisis in 2010 by supporting the Secundomian Government under Parker I. Atlan, however, returned to independence in late April, although leaving some land to Secundomia, as the "State of Atlan." After this period Atlan returned to dormancy, and, as it failed to establish foreign ties, has not been referenced by any foreign or internal text since.