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"Atlan" redirects here. The Empire of Atlan is not to be confused with Altania.

Empire of Atlan
Flag of Empire of Atlan
LocationEastern Kansas, United States of America.
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
• Empress
Establishmentc. December 15-December 23, 2009
• Census
CurrencyUSD ($)
Time zoneUTC -6
Preceded by
Republic of Secundomia

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Cabinet Crisis

Atlan ['æt'læn] (officially the Empire of Atlan) is a one-woman micronation in the Secundomian Sector that reached its prominence during late 2009 and early 2010. Officially never disbanded, Atlan was at times considered a part of Secundomia and at other times an independent nation. Despite some disputes with the nation of Secundomia, Atlan was their closest regional ally and especially supported the leadership of Parker I, oft-skeptical or isolationist when the nation was lead by others. The nation had some fantasy elements but details about its internal workings were often unclear and secretive even to those close by. Most of what is known of the nation arises from its interactions with Secundomia in 2010.


The true meaning of the name "Atlan" is not known, Secundomian speculation considers its similarity to the name of the Atlantic Ocean. The name was first referred to as early as December 15, 2009.[1]



The precise foundation of Atlan is uncertain. Erised had been writing fictitious versions of a country for years but had not made any public proclamations of an Empire. Shortly after the foundation of the Kingdom of Secundomia, Erised referred to herself as "Empress of Atlan" as early as December 15, 2009.[1] With the Secundomian Micronational Boom in full effect, the Empire of Atlan was introduced to a thriving, yet extraordinarily unstable community of new micronationalists.

She was admitted as a citizen to Secundomia (known as Micronation Republic at the time).[2] Co-Consuls Parker I and Spencer I officially granted her leadership over the state known as "Atlan." Erised claims that Atlan was never truly subject to Secundomian leadership and was always a separate nation, but this Parker disputed this claim. Logbook reports show some unclarity with Erised's state being listed as "Atlan?"[2] Every Secundomian at the time (with the exception of Spencer I who lived in Middle Secundomia) was granted leadership of a state, however Erised never swore fealty as an official of the Empire.

Secession from Secundomia

The Empire of Atlan, as recognized by members of the Secundomian Sector, was formed due to the secession of a Secundomian state by the name of Atlan in December 2009. Atlan officially seceded during a conflict over the presidency between Parker I and Luke of Secundomia. The Empress of Atlan criticized the electoral process as "silly" prior to making her secession as a citizen. She proclaimed "Atlan needs me, and I have been neglecting my duties."[3] She also threatened to declare war on Secundomia if she was not removed from email threads.[4] These threats were quickly dismissed and Erised was removed from all Secundomian email threads. A short summit between the leaders on the 29th of December cooled remaining tensions.


Shortly after the formation of Atlan the nation went into dormancy, despite efforts of diplomacy from Secundomia. The Empire did not go through any major changes until March 2010. On a joint intermicronational state visit to the capital of Kansas, Secundomian Director of Foreign Affairs Parker I encouraged Erised to rejuvenate the country. During this time Atlan received its first official flag, drawn by the Empress. The flag was based upon the Secundomian flag (which was in turn based on the Empire of Japan's flag), but featured a small object in the center that appeared to be a blob with eyes and legs. The flag was not drawn with any official colors as it was doodled with a pencil on a piece of paper.

Erised rejoined Secundomia in April 2010. Due to her dual citizenship, Atlan played a role in the Cabinet Crisis in 2010 by supporting the Secundomian Government under Parker I. A secondary dispute arose shortly after, when Atlan was drawn on a map of Secundomian states. Erised disputed that Atlan had ever joined despite her personal citizenship. Secundomian leadership agreed to recognize Atlan's independence in late April, although leaving some land to Secundomia as Nottingham. After this period Atlan returned to dormancy, and, as it failed to establish foreign ties, has not been referenced by any foreign or internal text since. The Secundomian Federation considers Atlan extant but inactive.


Atlan is an absolute monarchy lead by an Empress. Atlan was proud of their status as a Monarchy. Erised touted the efficiency of an absolutist form of government while ridiculing the Secundomian democracy as "silly, partisan elections." [3]


Unlike its neighbor Secundomia, Atlan had a flourishing state run economy. The nation exported a significant amount of hand-fabricated monster dolls made by Erised herself. Atlan was extremely proud of this industry and a rough depiction of the doll is shown on the Atlanian flag.

Foreign Relations

Atlan conducted limited foreign relations within the Secundomian Sector. Atlan was close to Secundomia and their leaders had multiple in-person summits to conduct diplomatic relations, including an official multi-state visit to the capital of Kansas. However, Atlan was relatively isolationist otherwise. There are no records of Atlanian officials reaching out to other nations beyond the sector. Atlan was never active on MicroWiki or any other online platform and solely conducted relations through Secundomia.


Rough map of the Secundomian Sector including Atlan (pink)

Atlan was secretive about their territorial claims, even with their neighbor Secundomia. This lead to occasional border and sovereignty disputes with surrounding countries, although these were always resolved diplomatically. At times, Atlan claimed to be in fantasy territory, but Secundomian records generally suggest it consisted of a brick-and-mortar territory bordering Leospecsia to the south and Middle Secundomia to the north. After the secession of Leospecsia from Secundomia, Atlan now bordered the United States to its south.


Atlan consisted of only one known citizen and other potentially fantasy citizens. Exact statistics are lost to time in Secundomian archives. The sole confirmed citizen was a white Christian female, also known demographically as a Secundomian.

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