Nate I

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Nate I is a Secundomian famous for designing the Secundomian Flag. He is also famous for winning the first trial of Ibrahim I, acting as defense attorney.

Micronational history

Republic of Skillz

Nate I was one of the founding members of the Republic of Skillz. Some, because of this, consider him a founder of the Republic of Secundomia. Nate I was the first person of three Skillz citizens to transfer over to Secundomia.

Republic of Secundomia

Nate I was one of the original three members of Secundomia when Skillz merged with the Kingdom. Nate I was not active, however, in the creation of early Secundomian political culture, during the Early Days and the Era of the Struggle for Power.

Golden Days

Nate I became active in Secundomia during the Golden Days. During this time he responded to a call for a flag, and created Secundomia's first national flag. Nate I also created Lower Secundomia during this time.

Cabinet Crisis

After being inactive since the Golden Days (aside from a brief stint as Director of Development in Parker I's cabinet), Nate I arose to defend the Protest Group and it's leaders, Ibrahim I and Rahim I. He pressured the president to pardon Ibrahim I from his actions (swearing on official Secundomian discussions), and lead the citizens against the president. The president at the time, Parker I, backed down from the charges in the landmark trial of Ibrahim I. Nate I continued to defend the protest group, until Rahim I was exiled in a second trial.

Activity Since the Crisis

Nate I has not been active as a Secundomian since the Cabinet Crisis.