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Nate I
General of the Secundomian Army
In office
1 August 2010 - 1 October 2010
President Luke of Secundomia
Grand General Spencer I
Predecessor Office Established
Successor Phineas Snow
General of Secundomian Military Development
In office
1 October 2010-May 24, 2012
President Parker I
Grand General Spencer I
Predecessor Parker I
Successor None
Secundomian Secretary of Development
in office
March 7, 2010-May 1, 2010
Presidents Spencer I and Parker I
Predecessor Office Established
Successor himself, as Secretary of Urban Development
Secundomian Secretary of Urban Development
in office
May 1, 2010-August 1, 2010
President Parker I
Successor Phineas Snow
Director of Symbols Development
in office
October 3, 2010-February 1, 2011
President Parker I
Predecessor Office Established
Successor none
Governor of Lower Secundomia
in office
Citizenship Republic of Secundomia, Republic of Skillz, United States of America
Nationality Secundomian
Ethnicity White
Political party Conservative
Home town Lower Secundomia City
Cabinet Parker I, Luke of Secundomia, Spencer I
Military service
Allegiance Republic of Secundomia
Service/branch Army
In service 2
Rank General

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Cabinet Crisis

Nate I is a Secundomian and Skillzian micronationalist, general and jurist. An early active figure in the Secundomian Sector, Nate was instrumental in the foundation of the Republic of Skillz and Secundomia. An innovator and designer in Secundomian society, Nate was best known for designing the Secundomian flag. They were also an accomplished attorney and had notable service in the Secundomian Army.

Personal life

Nate was a close friend of Spencer I at school. In the years after the heights of Secundomian activity, Nate was one of the few to retain close contact with Parker I and Spencer, attending the same high school in the United States. Outside of micronationalism, Nate actively played soccer and produced electronic music.

Micronational history

Republic of Skillz

On December 14, 2009, Nate's friend Spencer arrived at school with a plan to form a micronation. Spencer and Nate, together with Phineas Snow and a few other friends, banded together to form the Republic of Skillz. Spencer was elected president and appointed Nate as Vice-President of the young nation.

Trouble was not far, however. Another nation, formed by Spencer's brother Parker called the Kingdom of Secundomia formed the next day and declared war on Skillz. The external threat of war alongside boiling internal divisions resulted in the surrender collapse of Skillz on December 15. Nate and Spencer were the only two of the nation still interested in micronationalism and sought peace with Secundomia.

Republic of Secundomia

Nate I was one of the original three members of Secundomia when Skillz merged with the Kingdom. In the early days of the country, they were largely inactive. In February 2010, they created Secundomia's national flag, which remained as a core symbol of Secundomian Culture through the FSSR.[1] Nate I also created the state of Lower Secundomia during this time.[2] They would remain governor of the state throughout its existence.

Nate was a culturally influential Secundomian, known for designing a monument and the country's flag. They worked as a journalist for Secundomian Media. They were also an active member on the Secundomian Forums, unlike many other Secundomians in late 2010.[3] Nate

Cabinet Crisis

After being inactive since the Golden Days (aside from a brief stint as Director of Development in Parker I's cabinet), Nate I arose to defend the Protest Group and it's leaders, Ibrahim I and Rahim I. They pressured the president to pardon Ibrahim I from his actions (swearing on official Secundomian discussions), and lead the citizens against the president. The president at the time, Parker I, backed down from the charges in the landmark trial of Ibrahim I. Nate I continued to defend the protest group, until Rahim I was exiled in a second trial.

Military Service

Nate I was appointed as General of the Secundomian Army by President Luke in August 2010. In October, they were replaced by Phineas Snow and moved to the Cabinet role of Secretary of Development during the second Parker I administration. In this capacity, he also served as General of Military Development for the Secundomian Military as a whole. They remained in this role, although mostly inactive, until 2012.


Nate was a member of the Secundomian Conservative Party. They were a member of the party's left wing and often expressed indifference or disagreement to the tenets of the main party. However, the SCP was significantly more powerful than any other political force at the time, so they decided to join it.[4] They were on multiple occasions an advocate for direct democracy over representative democracy, which further put them at odds with party leadership.[5][6]


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