Secundomian-Skillz War

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Secundomian-Skillz War
Part of the Secundomian Micronational Boom
DateDecember 15, 2009
Johnson County, Kansas

Secundomian strategic victory

Kingdom of Secundomia Republic of Skillz
Commanders and leaders
King Parker I

President Spencer I
Vice-President Nate I

General Snow
1 3-5
Casualties and losses
0 0

The Secundomian-Skillz War was a short-lived micronational conflict in December 2009. The conflict was caused by the formation of two nations in a small geographic area with overlapping land claims and familial ties. No direct conflict was recorded and the situation was resolved peacefully due to the decline of the Republic of Skillz.


Primordial Period

Parker I was a homeschooled student preparing for a research project on the microstate of Liechtenstein in the 2008 Olympics when he stumbled across the concept of Micronations on Wikipedia. After about a year, he and his brother Spencer I, who attended public elementary school at the time, researched the concept again. Inspired by the Aerican Empire and Molossia, the two brothers decided they would create a country of their own on the night of 13 Dec 2009. As Spencer went to school the next day, Parker assumed that they would begin work that afternoon.

Foundation of Skillz

Spencer decided to bring up the topic of micronationalism to his friends on the school playground on 14 Dec. His friends immediately took to the idea. They decided to found the Republic of Skillz. Spencer I was elected president. His friends Nate I was elected and Phineas Snow was appointed General of the Defense Department. Both, alongside fellow citizen Ibrahim I, would later join the Republic of Secundomia. There were several other citizens, but their names and titles are lost to time.

Early Confrontation

Spencer returned home that afternoon and informed Parker of the new nation. Parker was furious because he assumed he would have some role in the countries development and claimed ownership of the idea to create a micronation in the first place. Spencer offered him a position in Skillz, but Parker declined as he would have to accept a lower level position. Additionally, as Skillz claimed their house, the two were immediately in conflict.

He resolved to form his own micronation and threatened Spencer with a declaration of war. The next morning, while Spencer was at school, Parker studied his Latin schoolwork and had an idea for a name. Pushing together the Latin words secundus and domus he named and officially founded the Kingdom of Secundomia.


Hostilities were short lived. Parker declared war from home immediately after founding the Kingdom. After Spencer informed his citizenry of the declaration, most citizens claimed they had already lost interest in the nation after just one day. The mass-exodus resulted in the death of Skillz with only its president and vice-president remaining. Despite this, they still had a population advantage on the one man nation of Secundomia. Spencer did not want war with his brother, however, and decided to dissolve the Republic and seek peace negotiations with the Kingdom.


After returning home, Spencer informed Parker that Skillz had completely collapsed. All the citizens had left the nation except Nate I and Spencer I. The conflict was declared over and Parker began negotiations with Spencer to found a new nation. The three micronationalists merged their forces and the Kingdom of Secundomia was transformed into the Republic of Secundomia, immediately adding many more members on an email server.


As the Secundomian Sector was largely isolated at this point in time,[1] there was not a significant intermicronational response. Some nations within the sector did take action during the conflict, but none officially mobilized their forces.

Skillz Side

  • Galla - Clan Forge of the Galla Sector (a mysterious micronation associated with the Secundomian Sector) announced its intention to declare war on Secundomia. This was largely interpreted as facetious and the declaration came after the cessation of conflict. Hostilities did not escalate.


  • Empire of Atlan - Expressed support for both nations and willingness to join with the remnants of both nations in the result of the conflict.
  • American citizens in the area expressed caution and concern about a potential conflict breaking out. All locals were pleased that a peaceful resolution was swiftly reached.


  1. First references to any Secundomian Sector nation were not published until December 18th, 2020