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A One man nation (OMN), also referred to as an Egostan, is a phrase in micronational parlance used to refer to a state or other polity with a population consisting of a single person, or few people with a single person dominating all government functions. The term is a portmanteau of the Latin word ego ("I", singular first person nominative pronoun) and -stan, a common suffix for countries in Central Asia, which is Persian for "place of".


There is much dispute between the definition, while some in the community argue a One Man Nation is a nation that has one legal citizen others argue a One Man Nation may be a nation that only one person is active on.

List of present "egostans"

Nation Founded De jure or De facto Notes
MyFlag2.svg Principality of Hosamia 19 August 2016 De facto Hosamia used to have 16 members but all 15 either left or were granted independence, leaving only the Emperor and Wasil.
Birgeshir.png Birgeshir 18 January 2010 De facto
Flag of Tentacion.svg Tentacion 1 August 2017 De jure and De facto Ohio Republic 24 December 2017 De facto
Calcont.png Calcont 13 February 2015 De facto
Union of Wasteoftimeistan 10 December 2017 De facto Joe is the current permanent resident although he has been declined citizenship on several occasions. There are 2 citizens of Wasteoftimeistan.
Paperis.png Paperis 7 August 2019 De jure

List of former "egostans"

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