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No man micronation (Not to be confused with Terra Nullius (or No man's land) is a form of micronation which has zero citizens. This phenomenon may be a result of a group abandoning a whole place but not disbanding the government/state in control or it also may refer to an experiment such as an AI controlled micronation or Internet micronation.

Ghost Micronation

If the phenomenon of no man micronation happens, the micronation in question also may be called a ghost micronation. Although it's not a common phenomenon in the micronational communities and if a nation's citizens and officials abandon the project it will be more classified as a defunct or disbanded micronation.

The people or officials of the ghost nation may abandon projects for many different reasons. For example one can be being too busy with day-to-day life and the other can be seeing no future for that particular nation. It's also possible that they want to retire and start working on another nation in a possible future. There also always is a possibility of the land or assets of the ghost nations to be claimed by other nations. For example Udj Kazir was first under the control of Schalamzaar Empire and then it has been reclaimed by Viadalvia and Viadalvian government annexed the island to their territorial claims.

The phenomenon of claiming lands of defunct nations is nothing new and it also happened with a lot of Antarctic nations and also nations who claimed remote places like uninhabited islands in the international waters.


According to the Montevideo Convention having a permanent population is a necessity of being recognized as a sovereign and independent state. Since almost all micronations declare their independence according to the said convention, this means these projects might not even be recognized by another participants of the micronational communities unless they accept sentient bots or artificial intelligence agents as the population.

Since some micronations have plush toy citizens and even government officials, then considering AI agents or bots as citizens or officials isn't very far from mind.

Examples of No man micronations

Currently there is no active micronation in the community which has zero citizens. There are nations with land claims on fictional planets (e.g. Micras) or the continent Antarctica (e.g. Flandrensis or Westarctica) who have zero residents on the claimed land but they have a permanent population which are mostly human (if not all).

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