List of one man nations

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The following is a list of one man nationsmicronations with only a single citizen or active participant.


Nation Founded De jure or de facto Notes
Dogma.jpg Royal State of Bagradoria December 2021 Both Bagradoria is accepting citizenship applications. There is only the King for now.
'Ahlamistan Flag.jpg Saltanat Al 'Ahlamistan 25 Radjab 1442 Both 'Ahlamistan does not accept citizenship application.
MyFlag2.svg Principality of Hosamia August 2016 De facto Hosamia used to have 16 members but all 15 either left or were granted independence, leaving only the Emperor and Wasil.
Birgeshir.png Tsalojdom of Birgeshir January 2010 Both Birgeshir was initially called "Single Citizenship" and later "Tsalojdom" but has always been de facto a one-man nation with its ruler being the only citizen while opening its doors to new possible citizens. Starting from 2020, however, the Tsaloj no longer supports the idea of including other people in his micronation allowing only the AI to represent other birgesh citizens for simulation purposes when needed. Ohio Republic December 2017 De facto
Calcont.png Kingdom of Calcon February 2015 De facto
Union of Wasteoftimeistan December 2017 De facto Joe is the current permanent resident although he has been declined citizenship on several occasions. There are 2 citizens of Wasteoftimeistan.
Paperis.png Paperis August 2019 De jure
Flag of Agasymbia.png Agasymbia July 2021 De facto Agasymbia was founded as a "cultural and conlang project" by Shady Morsi,
SuttFlag.png Suttornland January


De facto
Saxrike Flag.png Saxrike 2018 De jure
Leprechian Flag.jpg Leprechia June 2021 De Facto On the imposing of Article III of the Revolutionary Pact, Leprechia became a one-man nation in July 2022. De jure, there are 3 citizens, but the other two aren't involved as much, so de facto, Leprechia is a one-man nation.
Flag of Unitaria.png Unitaria August 2022 De jure The Constitution of Unitaria Act, 2022 establishes Unitaria as a constitutional egostan with only Rachel Burklandssen allowed to be a citizen. The Third Amendment to the Constitution of Unitaria (Allowed and Disallowed Citizens) Act, 2022 explicitly prohibits both human and non-human citizens other than Rachel Burklandssen while allowing Unitaria to have fictional citizens as part of a government worldbuilding project.


Nation Period as one-man De jure or de facto Notes
Imperial Republic Flag Wiki.png Nemkhav Federation 2010–11 De facto Also a fantasy nation in this period.
Prsanea Flag.png Grand Duchy of Prsänëa Unknown De facto
Flag of Sandus.svg State of Sandus Unknown De facto
 Saspearian 20 October 2017 - March 2019 De facto
Flag of Eden.png Eden 14 January 2014 - 1 September 2016
1 May 2018 - 16 July 2021
De facto
SuttFlag.png Suttornland January


De facto
GraysonCFLag.jpg Grayson Country 7 May 2022 - 13 December 2022 De facto Invaded by Allied Forces of the Tauranga Allied Micronational

Treaty Organization in late 2022


Nation Period as one-man De jure or de facto Notes
 Erusia October 2008 – July 2010 De facto In a project called the Lethler Experiment, Erusia's leader, Robert Lethler, pretended it was not a one-man nation and made elaborate claims about its history. The revelations about its true nature in 2010 were a major event in the history of the MicroWiki community.
 Skovaji August–October 2016 De facto Final months of its history after just under two years of not being a one-man nation.
KSECFlag.png Kingdom of Secundomia December 2009 De facto
FlagDRoH.png Howetanese Republic October 2014 – August 2016 De facto
Yusienian tricolor.svg Yusienia November 2022 – December 2022 De facto
Flag of Tentacion.svg Empire of Ostreum August 2017 - December 2020 Both
Republic of Kichi February 2022 - February 2023 De facto For most of 2022, the Republic of Kichi has only one citizen. By February 2023, due to the promulgation of the Nationality Law and frequent offline activities, the number of citizens in Kichi has skyrocketed, and it is no longer a one man nation.