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The micronations.net community was an online micronational community which was the main Anglophone micronational community between 2002 and 2008. It used the micronations.net website, ran by the Micronational News Network, as a central hub, which linked to numerous online directories, forums and chatrooms. It succeeded previous communities based on Usenet and Geocities. During the time it was active, there was little distinction between micronations and what would now be called geofiction projects. Technical issues in late 2008 caused the wiki attached to micronations.net to be corrupted, causing many users to migrate to MicroWiki.

The individual behind Robert Lethler is believed to have been a member of this community, presumably under a different name.

The history of this time period has not been comprehensively documented. Most of the websites associated with the community can now only be accessed through the Internet Archive. Furthermore, very few, if any, of the micronations involved in this community still exist.


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