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The micronational community or intermicronational community[a] is the community or subculture of micronationalists—individuals involved in a micronation.


The intermicronational community is separated into sectors. In sectorology, there are three principal types of sectors—linguistic sectors, those defined by language; geographic sectors, those defined by geographical location; and media sectors, those defined by an online forum such as a social media. Sectors may also have sub-sectors within them. Linguistic sectors do, however, differ from regular sectors in that they are often not necessarily a single community; for instance, a micronation which has Portuguese as its official language is part of the Lusophone sector, regardless of whether or not said micronation holds any diplomatic relations with other Portuguese-speaking micronations.

Geographic sectors range from localities, cities to countries, and sometimes even regions. Areas with a high density of micronations are more likely to form conceptualised, named sectors, such as the London Sector or Metropolitan sector in New York. The largest national sectors by number of micronations are the Australian, Brazilian, French and Czech sectors. Media sectors are also decentralised and have many subsectors within them. The largest media sectors include the Facebook sector, Reddit sector, micronationalist Twitter and the MicroWiki sector. A sudden increase of micronations and micronational activity in a particular area—whether physical or online—is known as a micronations boom.




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  1. To distinguish it from a micronational community; a sector.