Republic of Porto Claro

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Republic of Porto Claro (eng)
Republica de Porto Claro (port)

1992 — present

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Paz e Luz Eternamente(Peace and Light Forever)
Salve Porto Claro(Hail Porto Claro)
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Location of Porto Claro
Capital city Saint Herculaine
Largest city Saint Herculaine
Official language(s) Portuguese, French, English
Short name Porto Claro
Demonym Portoclarense
Government Presidential Republic
- President André Szytko
- Vice-President Caio Peters Fevereiro
- President of the Senate Arrizon Olinto
Legislature Federal Senate
Established 25 September 1992
Area claimed ~100 km2
Population 40
Currency Cifra
Time zone UTC-3

Official website(in portuguese)

Porto Claro is the first micronation founded in Latin America, created in September 25 of 1992 by Pedro Aguiar. Founded as a Kingdom, Porto Claro became a republic in 1998, after a revolution which resulted in the expulsion of Aguiar from the nation. It claims that every lusophone micronation is a direct or indirect product of the Republic.

Porto Claro was founded in 1992, but only presenced itself in the internet in 1996. The current President of the Republic is André Szytko. Since 1992, Porto Claro has seen over 600 overseas citizens.



Administrative Regions