Micronational News Network

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Micronational News Network
TypeNews aggregator
FormatOnline blog
Owner(s)Inscriptvs Media Group
Founder(s)Iain de Vembria
Founded29 January 2002
Political alignmentNeutral
Ceased publication18 September 2016

The Micronational News Network (MNN) is an intermicronational news organisation founded in the United Baronies of Treesia in 2002. It is owned by the Inscriptvs Media Group. It is best known for operating the micronations.net web domain, which was home to the micronations.net community from 2002 to 2008, the main online Anglophone micronational community before being supplanted by the MicroWiki community. It would later cover news in both the MicroWiki and Micras communities, bridging both micronationalism and geofiction. It has been dormant since 2016, but its website is still live.

Structure (2002-2007)

From 2002 to 2007, the MNN website at micronations.net was divided into the following sections:

  • Articles and essays
  • Directories and indexes
  • Discussion
  • News and media
  • Organisations
  • Events
  • Reference