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The Micras Sector is a term used by a minority of micronationalists for a part of the Anglophone Sector (although there are some non-Anglophone nations there as well) which contains those micronations participating in the Micronational Cartography Society world map project. It is considered a more accurate term by those who use it for a sector, due to the lack of contact between the parts of the Anglophone Sector, which is a critical requirement for a sector. The vast majority of micronations in the Micras Sector consist of simulationist micronations, although there are some nations that can be considered secessionist in some extents. Almost all micronations in the Micras Sector use the MicrasWiki as the focus for activity and communication of a micronation.


The Micras Sector can be considered to be the evolution of the Apollo Sector, and the birth of the sector can be defined to be the foundation of the nation of Tymaria, which brought many previously separate nations together (for better or worse) and homogenized the community. Historical pressures and stigmas have prevented the term of the Apollo Sector to be placed on the emerging post-Tymarian world, especially after the TYSOG incident.


The Micras Sector received it's name from the term Micras which is the offical name of the MCS map, and which most nations use to refer to the world on which they reside. The term specifically is used to refer to the world created and maintained by the MCS. The term Apollo Sector cannot be placed on the Micras Sector as a whole, as the term "Apollo Sector" is quite vague, with no set definition. However, the term Micras Sector has the advantage of a precise definition (any nation that is on the planet Micras) as well as the lack of the stigmas that the term Apollo Sector has.

There used to be some confusion between the term "MCS Sector" and "Micras Sector", which has led to a debate about the true definition of the term Micras Sector. While the two are often used interchangably, this has led to misconceptions, and heated debates, mostly between Bill Dusch and Erik Mortis. This is partly due to the nature and orgins of the name "Micras Sector", which receives it's name from the term "Micras". Several nations and cultures use "Micras" to refer to the world they reside on (AKA the MCS world map). However, this name has several cultural/historical conotations and connections which have led to some debate and misunderstandings over the nature of the definition of the Micras Sector. The most notable is the cultural connection between the Apollo Sector and the Micras Sector. Today, Micras is the offical name of the planet, therefore ending this debate.

A similar debate has occured over the use of the term to the MNN forums. While it is true that the majority of people who participate in the MNN forums are also part of the Micras Sector, this isn't a complete descriction. Unfortuanatly, the MNN perpetuates itself as welcoming of all types of Anglophone nations, despite the fact that this is clearly not the case, the main participants today being almost all simulationists. The term "Anglophone Sector" as described is not an accurate term to describe nations which particpate in the MNN forums, as the majority of anglophone micronations do not participate in said forums. While the term "MNN Sector" might be the most accurate term, some feel that this is redundant as it will just cover one or two micronationalists at the most who participate in the forums.


The term "Micras Sector" has gotten into popular use lately. The major cause of this is the common use of the term in the Microscope, Scott Alexander's historical analysis of the nations in its sector.