Micronationalism in Southern California

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Micronationalism in Southern California refers to the creation, development and collapse of micronational entires within Southern California.

1800s and 1900s

  • Iswas
  • United Socialists Serving Mark
  • Now What (sic.)
  • Republic of Nitshky Vitskay
  • Confederation of Merea
  • New Burg





In 1970, several micronations convened to sign the Treaty of the Charter Members of the Federation, a treaty meant to form a Federation of south California Micronations. The "Federation" was led by West Who, a prominent micronation in Southern California.

Federation Treaty, which established the Federation of Southern California Micronations.

2000s and 2010s

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With the emerging popularity of micro nationalism, several micronations began to be established. In San Diego, the Empire of Laguna was formed by King Ezri I, and in Irvine, the Westavian statelets began to form. They would later be consolidated under an empire. In the same sector, the Federated States of Gapla was formed through a union between the states of Gapla and Phoenix.


The 2020s marked a peak in micronationalism in the area, and saw the foundation of Yu-Xia. It also saw one of the first wars between micronations in the area, the Gaplan-Juniperian War.


The sector of Southern California can be divided into various subsections, the Irvine Sector which is dominated by the Orange County Treaty Organization and the Federated States of Gapla, the San Diego sector, dominated by Yu-Xia, and the Desert Sector, dominated by Slowjamastan.



  • Federation of Micronations of Southern California - a federation established by West Who in 1970.
  • Eureka Pact - a defunct organization founded by Wyatt Baek of Gapla