Wyatt Baek

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His Royal Majesty
Wyatt Seungri Baek
Prince of Gaplastovia
Service Ribbons: RB RL RSc
Hero of the Gaplan Revolution

Official portrait, 2023
Sovereign Prince of the
Federated States of Gapla
In office:
28 February 2019 - 22 July 2023
20 August 2023 - present
President Emma Bunnell
1st President of Gapla
In office:
28 February 2019 - 4 January 2021
28 February 2021 - 2 February 2022
Deputy President Chelsea Chen
Predecessor Ian Shin (United Republics of Gapla and Phoenix)
Successor Chelsea Chen
Vice Chair of the Aequitas Pact
Assumed office:
10 June 2023
Chair Silas Wurnbash
5th Deputy President of Gapla
In office:
5 January 2021 - 27 February 2021
President Chelsea Chen
Predecessor Chelsea Chen
Successor Shaun Madillo
1st Speaker of the National Assembly
In office:
1 September 2022 - 30 March 2023
3 October 2023 - present
President Emma Bunnell
Predecessor Renaldo Chang
Successor Renaldo Chang
3rd Minister of Foreign Affairs of Gapla
In office:
3 February 2022 - 31 August 2022
President Chelsea Chen
Personal Information
Full name
His Royal Majesty Wyatt I, Prince of Gaplastovia, Prince of New Olympia, and Baron of Elemental
Born Seoul Special City
Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Citizenship  Federated States of Gapla
 Republic of Korea
Political party Free Rightist Party
Residence New Gaplastovia, Elemental, Federated States of Gapla
Religion Roman Catholic
Education National Academy
Albuquerque Academy
Website monarchy.gaplagov.org
Military service
Allegiance  Federated States of Gapla
Battles/wars Gaplan Revolution
Northern Emeralkia Conflict
Iana-Phoenix Conflict

Wyatt Seungri Baek, addressed royally as His Royal Majesty Wyatt I, Prince of Gaplastovia, Prince of New Olympia, and Baron of Elemental, is the Prince of Gaplastovia and the Prince of New Olympia. He is a male micronationalist who was formerly the President of the Federated States of Gapla and is currently its Sovereign Prince. As a delegate from Gapla to the Aequitas Pact, he serves as the pact's Vice Chair. He currently attends Albuquerque Academy for high school.

He is widely credited as the founder of modern Gapla, and although this accreditation is not completely true, is officially recognized as one of the four founders of Gapla by the Gaplan government. He has also attempted to create his own state that failed in Parliament because of lack of territory. He is also a micronationalist that has participated in the Iana-Phoenix conflict and a one of the two historical leaders of the anti-Hubbardist (by some called Gaplan-nationalist) organization Hubbard Sucks along with Emma Bunnell.

Personal history

Wyatt was born in the Samsung Medical Center in Seoul, South Korea.

He was interested in politics and corporations at an early age, eventually creating his own business (albeit without profits) called WRUSA.

Outside of micronationalism, he participates in competitive mathematics and competitive programming.

Although a newcomer to competitive programming, seeking to pass USACO Bronze this year, he is experienced in competitive mathematics. He has competed under the Russian flag at the International Mathematics Contest and Russian Mathematics Olympiad, winning a gold medal in each, as well as competing under the American flag at the United States Mathematical Kangaroo, winning second place nationally. He is the assistant captain of the Gaplan Mathematics Team, serving alongside famed captain Virat Varada.

Wyatt has participated in USACO under the Gaplan flag, with custom country identifier "GPL," but it is unknown if his scores will be validated and posted on the official website (with a Gaplan country code) due to the risk of elimination by authorities unaware of micronationalism.

Pre-micronational career and Gapla-Phoenix

WRUSA and Totoro

In 2012, Wyatt revived WRUSA and created a "ranking" system. Since he didn't quite understand the concept of a company, while he called it a company, it was more of a group, because it didn't make any profits. It offered a movie rating system, an education system, and a few games. He later revived the Totoro Foundation in 2018 which allowed for WRUSA's first profits as a conglomerate corporation that offered its own currency ("credits") and allowed anyone to create their own business.

Flag of the United Republics of Gapla and Phoenix

Soon, a lot of people in his class signed up and created their own business, trading the currency "credits" around the school. While it has been banned by the administration several times, including by Michael Hubbard, Wyatt never stopped his business and this is where his minarchist and right-libertarian views likely came from.

United Republics of Gapla and Phoenix

In 2015, along with Ian, Wyatt founded the United Republics of Gapla and Phoenix, his first micronation that he didn't know was a micronation.

It was the predecessor to the Principality of Gapla and eventually the Federated States of Gapla.

Its max population was 20, and it was extremely unprofessional, with ID cards from crayons and its territory as a "secret base" inside the school. In 2019, in an attempt to revive Gapla, he couped the government of Gapla-Phoenix successfully using the help of a few spies and recreated Gapla as the Principality of Gapla.

Awards and honors

The following is a list of honors, domestic and foreign, received by Wyatt Baek:

Awards and Honors of Wyatt Baek

Domestic honors

All from the Federated States of Gapla.

  • Federated States of Gapla Order of the Gaplan Star (OGS)
  • Federated States of Gapla Commander of the Gaplan Revolution (CGR)
  • Federated States of Gapla Commander of the Gaplan People (CGP)

Service ribbons

All from the Federated States of Gapla.

  • Federated States of Gapla First Class, Service Ribbon for Bravery (RB)
  • Federated States of Gapla First Class, Service Ribbon for Loyalty (RL)
  • Federated States of Gapla First Class, Service Ribbon for Science (RSc)

Foreign honors

From countries other than the Federated States of Gapla, chronologically from order received.

Political party history

The following is a list of Wyatt Baek's historical political affiliations. He was never affiliated with any party in Korea.

Gapla and Gapla-Phoenix

  • Union Party (2015-2016)
  • Gaplan Union Party (2016-2019)
  • Liberal Union Party (2019-2020)
  • Free Libertarian Party (2020-2021)
  • Free Rightist Party (2021-present)

United States of America (informally)

Mainstream micronational career

Contribution to Gaplan history

Wyatt's royal standard as the Prince of Gaplastovia. The royal cypher is in the standard.

Wyatt revived modern Gapla in the form of the Principality of Gapla on February 28, 2019, after learning about Sealand.

His renewed interest in micronationalism led him to create a website, MicroWiki, and MicroWikia pages for Gapla. He was the founding figure for many new Gaplans that had joined in that time, and although he wasn't the true founder of Gapla, he considered himself the true founder of Gapla for a period of time. He is still known as the Founder of Gapla today.

During June to early August 2019, Wyatt focused on expanding foreign relations, increasing professionality, and basically spending hours on Gapla each day to improve it.

"Hubbard Sucks"

Wyatt was appointed as the first president of Hubbard Sucks, but he was not able to serve a second term due to his loss to Emma Bunnell.

Hubbard Sucks is considered to be a Gaplan nationalist organization by some members of the left, although most of the left also opposes Hubbard. The organization was created because of the events of the Gaplan Revolution and Hubbard's banning of the Federated States of Gapla. The organization was considered to be important in Gaplan history as it led from the transition of Gapla from a friend group to a global micronation with a purpose.

COVID-19 pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Wyatt led the Gaplans to a more online setting, moving all of the sessions online and moving major government meetings online. He claims that the pandemic was important for the digitalization of Gapla and connection to the greater worldwide community.

While Hubbard Sucks was still active and relevant during the online portion of the school year, it slowly decayed as the need for it was being abolished.

In this pandemic, he has written a few books on micronationalism, web development, and Gapla. His first book on Gapla inspired Excelsior.

Miscellaneous roles in Gaplan history

Role as Sovereign Prince and session master

Wyatt Baek's personal Coat of Arms.

Wyatt, in his capacity as Sovereign Prince of Gapla, under macronational laws controls the assets of Gapla, although a bill in Parliament may soon change that. He is also the session master of Gapla, the "gamemaker" of all of Gapla's interstate sessions.

He doesn't have a state, although he states that he plans to create one, but he will unable to participate in sessions due to his position as session master. His Special Administrative Region (SAR) of Gaplan Antarctica that he administers is not eligible to participate in sessions.

He was the former President of Gapla, at one time in Gaplan history being simultaneously the monarch and the head of government. He was also elected as the Speaker of the National Assembly in the 2022 Gaplan general election.

Role in the left-right divide

Wyatt is a minarchist, a form of right-libertarianism. He usually scores at around 7 right and 7 libertarian on most political compass tests.

In this capacity, he has argued and advocated for the Free Rightist Party and against the People's Liberal Party, notably Chelsea Chen and visiting members of Excelsior. Due to his political views, he was banned from the Excelsioran discord server.


  1. Not a member of the American national Libertarian Party, following its declaration of independence.