Centrist Radical Party (Gapla)

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Centrist Radical Party
LeaderClayton Walker
IdeologyConservatism, radical centrism
Political positionCenter to center-right
National Assembly
0 / 10

The Centrist Radical Party (CRP) is a radical centrist, conservative, and center-right minor political party in the Federated States of Gapla. It was founded on October 5th, 2021 by Clayton Walker.


Clayton Walker is the first member of the Centrist Radical Party and is someone who has experience with micronational politics. He was the head of the PDP (People's Democracy Party) of the micronational Discord server "The Republic" and was the General Secretary of the People's Republic of Andzay.

Lincoln Jolly is the second member of the Centrist Radical Party. He is described as a natural strategist who is skilled at navigating the country out of any sticky situation. He was the president of the micronational Discord server "The Republic." He was also the Prime Minister of the Sand Kingdom of Andzay as well as being the founder and chairman of the People's Republic of Andzay.


The party is self-described as having the following policies:

  • Anti-poverty (stopping poverty)
  • Military reform (getting the military back into shape)
  • Freedom of media (post whatever you like in respected places)
  • Economic policies (growing Gapla's economy)
  • Corporate freedom (the freedom for companies to grow bigger)


The CRP was first founded as the Communist Party of Social Unity by Clayton Walker on August 2nd, 2021.

After taking a political compass test, Walker realised that he was taking a wrong turn in politics. On the October 4th, 2021, Walker became the member for Mogollon in the lower house. This is the first seat that the party has ever had.