Deputy President of Gapla

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The Title of Deputy President of the Federated States of Gapla is an elected office with the powers to veto or accept the votes of the President without need for a Vote in Parliament.

Holders of the Title

The first known holder of the title was appointed by Wyatt Seungri Baek, President of Gapla, who was Mirabelle Wang. She served her term in the start of the Independence of Gapla.

After that stage passed, after Syopolis got powerful, Vera Sy got elected to the Office of Deputy President. She held many organizational reforms in Gapla.

In the End, Emeralkia rose the stages when voting started. Emma Bunnell got elected to Deputy President, although she gave the office to Irene Kim, who gave it to Chelsea Chen.

Then, Chelsea Chen was re-elected.