2023 return of Ian Shin

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An excerpt from the Gaplan Discord server which shows the return of Ian Shin.

The 2023 return of Ian Shin (6–18 June 2023) refers to the likely return of Ian Shin, a principal founder of the United Republics of Gapla and Phoenix (along with Wyatt Baek) in 2015, and his unexpected return to the Federated States of Gapla after he was thought to have been uncontactable and in Korea as well as being termed "missing" or "lost" inside Gapla.

One of the most significant events in Gaplan history, it is the first time one of the original founders of Gapla, other than Wyatt Baek, came back to the country. Many of the founders of Gapla were completely lost after the students' dispersal from Cypress Village Elementary School, which has been thought to include Ian. In addition, a special provision in the restored Gaplan constitution in 2019, which was removed but under Gaplan law still in effect, takes into effect a myriad of events that is set to take place seventy-two hours after an original founder returns, and is kept in the National Museum of Gaplan History.

Wyatt Baek, the writer of the original constitution and the events, claims that he is unaware of what is written there (as it was written several years ago) though speculates that its consequences may be disastrous for a developed micronation such as modern Gapla and claims he is taking precautions to prevent the extent of possible damage caused by the event.

It is speculated that the return of Ian could lead into more original founders of Gapla, who were still together in the same school after Wyatt left for the district's gifted program, to be revealed and returned to Gapla, however, this is not confirmed as the return is still speculated but highly likely due to Chelsea Chen claiming to be able to easily return Ian.


An excerpt from the direct messages between Wyatt Baek and Chelsea Chen about the return.

After Wyatt Baek, Chelsea Chen, and a few others were talking about private schools and their move to then in the next school year, Wyatt Baek claimed to have noticed that something felt wrong about Chelsea's profile picture, as it did not seem to resemble her personality and reminded him distinctly of Ian. Her status, which indicated that she was matching her profile picture with her boyfriend, alerted Wyatt of the possibility that her boyfriend could have been Ian and she could have been unexpectedly in a relationship with a significant historical Gaplan figure, however, these speculations were not definite.

At 9:06 PM Gapla Standard Time, Chelsea typed the message "did you know wyatt and ian were besties??!?" into the Gapla Discord server, prompting Wyatt to ask which Ian she was talking about.

At 9:09 PM Gapla Standard Time, she wrote "ian shin" which confirmed that Ian had not been in Korea and was in Chelsea's former middle school.

At 9:14 PM Gapla Standard Time, procedures for the preparation of the return of Ian had started after Chelsea had confirmed that she was in contact with Ian, stating "yeah I am" in her DMs with Wyatt

At 9:41 PM Gapla Standard Time, the possibility that Ian was actually Chelsea's boyfriend was lessened as she claimed that it was a joke.

Soon after, a public service announcement was posted in the Gapla Discord server and government operations, including preparation for the interstate competitions, were halted to prepare for the return.