Free Rightist Party (Gapla)

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Free Rightist Party
President of GaplaEmma Bunnell
Deputy President of GaplaRenaldo Chang
Speaker of the National AssemblyWyatt Baek
IdeologyRight libertarianism, classical liberalism, conservatism, right-wing populism (factions)
Political positionRight-wing with centrist factions
National Assembly
6 / 10

The Free Rightist Party (FRP) is a right-wing, libertarian, classical liberal, and conservative political party in the Federated States of Gapla.

The result of a merger of the Free Libertarian Party and the Grand Conservative Party as a result of the Gaplan "red wave," the party is currently in government and holds both the offices of the President (head of government) and the Speaker of the National Assembly. It holds six seats in the National Assembly and is the leading party in the government.

Contrary to popular belief, the founder of the FRP is not Wyatt Baek or Emma Bunnell, but actually Renaldo Chang, who founded the party as the "Grand Conservative Party." However, the origins of the party date back to the early Monarchist Party, active in the Principality of Gapla, that was founded by Tessa Huffmire, a close friend of Emma's.


Early days

The Free Rightist Party can be traced back to the early Monarchist Party, founded by Tessa Huffmire as a right-wing alternative to the Liberal Union Party, a political party that represented the left. The Liberal Union Party was actually founded by Wyatt Baek as a center-left party, but is today considered to be center-right on the global political spectrum outside of Irvine, the city that Gapla was founded in, but still center-left on the local spectrum.

After the Liberal Union Party dominated the politics of Gapla, some actual left-wing members started joining the party, such as Chelsea Chen and Mirabelle Wang. This created a center-right block and a center-left block of the Liberal Union Party, effectively making the Liberal Union Party a big-tent centrist political party.

After Gapla was turned into a constitutional monarchy as the Federated States of Gapla, members of the Liberal Union Party split, with some merging with most members of the Monarchist Party to create the Grand Conservative Party, and the rest of the Liberal Union Party forming The Progressive Movement. As some, rare further left members of Gapla remained, they formed the minor party of the People's Liberal Party, which effectively split the left and gave the right a lead in elections.

The red wave

The Free Rightist Party was formed in its current iteration as a merger between the Grand Conservative Party and the Free Libertarian Party as a unified right-wing party to compete against the growing left, that had merged into the People's Liberal Party.

After a large wave of very left-wing Gaplan citizens internationally, the right needed to unite against the left which was growing much larger. Eventually, Gapla effectively became a two-party system before the Socialist Republic Party, a far-left party, split from the then-People's New Socialist Party (now the People's Liberal Party) after realizing that in reality it was social democratic, not socialist as the name alleges.

Modern era

In modern times, the Free Rightist Party, after the large voterbase collapse of the People's Liberal Party and its famous rally in the Venado Middle School Symphonic Orchestra, won the 2022 Gaplan general election by a hefty margin, and gained six of ten seats in the National Assembly, with the People's Liberal party only winning two.

Currently, the Free Rightist Party is in government, however, in the previous election, the 2022 Gaplan presidential election, the People's Liberal Party maintained a majority in Parliament as well as retained the presidency.