Electoral history of Gapla

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Here is a list of all of the major elections of Gapla and their results.

List of elections and results

First election - 28 February 2019

There was only one candidate, Wyatt Seungri Baek. He won the election and appointed the rest of the executive offices.

However, there were only ten citizens at that time.

Second election - 28 August 2019

Major candidates
  • Wyatt Seungri Baek, for New Gaplastovia
  • Vera Lily Sy, for Syopolis
  • George Shanghua Yang, representing Snake

Third election - 28 February 2020

Major candidates

Fourth election - 28 August 2020

Major candidates

Fifth election - 28 February 2021

Major candidates

See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ot-rKpm581w for the official results.

Sixth election - 28 August 2021

This election was after the term of the Upper Executive Council being increased to one year.

Therefore, only the Lower Executive Council (the Assistant to the Council and the Secondary Assistant to the Council) were elected.

Major candidates
  • Silas Anderson, representing Aeternum
  • Tessa Huffmire, representing Emeralkia
  • Bright Li, representing Musicland
  • Justin Cheng, representing Musicland
  • Vera Sy, representing Syopolis
  • Vera Sy becomes Assistant-elect, but Renaldo Chang disputes this. He states that he should have been on the major ballot, but was left out because of his position as Secretary of State. Due to the unimpeachment of Chelsea Chen by the Executive Council, he is removed from the Upper Executive Council during the election.
    • While Vera Sy and Tessa Huffmire both were against the ruling, the Supreme Court ruled in Renaldo's favor, giving him a right to the position of Assistant to the Council until the next election.
    • Renaldo Chang becomes Assistant to the Council.
    • Vera Sy becomes Secondary Assistant the Council.m
  • Tessa Huffmire becomes Secondary Assistant-elect, but is disqualified of her position due to the above circumstances.

Seventh election - 3 February 2022

The reason it was held on the 3rd instead of the 28th was due to a variety of reforms by the Gaplan Government.

Major candidates