People's Liberal Party (Gapla)

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People's Liberal Party
ChairpersonChelsea Chen
IdeologyModern liberalism, centrism (factions), social democracy (factions)
Political positionCenter-left with center-right factions
National Assembly
0 / 10

The People's Liberal Party (PLP) is a center-left, modern liberal, and social democratic political party in the Federated States of Gapla.

The result of a merger of The Progressive Movement and the previous minor party of the same name as a result of the Gaplan "red wave," the party is currently in opposition and holds the Deputy Presidency as well as the seat of the Leader of the Opposition. It holds two seats in the National Assembly and is the leading party in the opposition.

While in its early days, the People's Liberal Party (then the People's New Socialist Party) was considered very left-wing, after the Gaplan "red wave" of many new very left-wing citizens, PLP is often seen as a center-left social democratic party for its moderate views on left-wing positions, with SRP being seen as the real "extreme" socialist party.


Early days

The People's Liberal Party can be traced back to the early Liberal Union Party, founded by Wyatt Baek as a center-left party. Ironically, Wyatt is a member of the FRP, or Free Rightist Party, today. However, the Liberal Union Party is considered to be a center-right party on the international spectrum, but considered itself center-left in Gaplan politics at the time.

After the Liberal Union Party dominated the politics of Gapla, some actual left-wing members started joining the party, such as Chelsea Chen and Mirabelle Wang. This created a center-right block and a center-left block of the Liberal Union Party, effectively making the Liberal Union Party a big-tent centrist political party.

After Gapla was turned into a constitutional monarchy as the Federated States of Gapla, members of the Liberal Union Party split, with some merging with most members of the Monarchist Party to create the Grand Conservative Party, and the rest of the Liberal Union Party forming The Progressive Movement. As some, rare further left members of Gapla remained, they formed the minor party of the People's Liberal Party, which effectively split the left and gave the right a lead in elections.

The red wave

After a large wave of very left-wing Gaplan citizens internationally, Gapla's left decided to unify into the more left-wing People's Liberal Party over the center-left The Progressive Movement (seen as centrist or center-right internationally). Eventually, Gapla effectively became a two-party system before the Socialist Republic Party, a far-left party, split from the People's Liberal Party after realizing that in reality it was social democratic, not socialist as the name alleges.

The moderation of the People's Liberal Party is likely due to many of the old members of The Progressive Movement joining the party and making it social democratic rather than its intended left-wing socialism. However, the Gaplan left grew to tremendous amounts during the Red Wave and gave the reason for the two right-wing parties, the Grand Conservative Party and the Free Libertarian Party, to merge to make the Free Rightist Party, which was the opposition to the PLP, then in government.

Pre-rename era

In modern times, the Free Rightist Party, after the large voterbase collapse of the People's Liberal Party and its famous rally in the Venado Middle School Symphonic Orchestra, won the 2022 Gaplan general election by a hefty margin, and gained six of ten seats in the National Assembly, with the People's Liberal Party only winning two.

Currently, the People's Liberal Party is in opposition, however, in the previous election, the 2022 Gaplan presidential election, the People's Liberal Party maintained a majority in Parliament as well as retained the presidency.

Liberal era

In late 2022, Chelsea Chen made numerous statements in the Gaplan Discord server with many concluding that she has had a significant shift to the right of the political spectrum, opposing affirmative action, supporting Trump over Biden, as well as having more conservative social views on LGBT people in sports. Due to this, the People's New Socialist Party renamed to the People's Liberal Party on November 24, 2022.

However, the PLP is still considered a center-left party, with some micronationalists such as Nicolas Caiazzo alleging at the community that Gapla was founded in had a "far-right tilt," when in reality it was considered center or liberally center-right.