Dominion of Emeralkia

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Grand Kingdom of Emeralkia
Dominion of Emeralkia
Flag of Grand Kingdom of Emeralkia Dominion of Emeralkia
Official logo of Grand Kingdom of Emeralkia Dominion of Emeralkia
Sovereign stateGaplaFlag.png Federated States of Gapla
 • Prime MinisterEmma Bunnell (FRP)
 • Total11
Area3,223 sq. ft.
CapitalNorthern Emeralkia

For the former sovereign state, see Grand Kingdom of Emeralkia.

The Dominion of Emeralkia, co-officially the Grand Kingdom of Emeralkia and formerly the State of Emeralkia, is a dominion in the Federated States of Gapla. Founded on March 6, 2019 in response to its previous rejections to the Unified Micronations, it was merged into the then-Principality of Gapla after the conclusion of the Emeralkia Conflict and the Union Day agreement. It was founded by Emma Bunnell and Tessa Huffmire under the Deerfield Elementary School playground, and its name was suggested by Wyatt Baek.

Emeralkia's territory consists of two houses, Northern Emeralkia and Southern Emeralkia, as well as Littletown, a series of desks in a classroom that are still ceremonially claimed.


The Emeralkian conflict

Soon after Gapla became popular, Emma Bunnell and Tessa Huffmire requested to the Admissions Office of the United Micronations that they wished to create a new principality. The United Micronations, afraid that admitting Emeralkia would result in a large amount of other requests, and thereby making owning a principality common (as it was with WRUSA subsidiaries), did not wish to admit Emeralkia until they had established set requirements and guidelines.

They were quite determined to create their own principality, as they argued with the current president of the United Micronations, Wyatt Baek, created their own flag, declared their own territory (their collective bedrooms) and requested membership multiple times, eventually saying that they would be a micronation rival to those of the United Micronations. As Emeralkia was slowly gaining some members, the United Micronations (Gapla, Snake, and Phoenix) were afraid that Emeralkia was gaining too much influence and that their own influence was deteriorating.

A emergency meeting of the United Micronations was called, with the two representatives from the Principality of Emeralkia invited for lunch under the playground. After some periods of negotiation, all of the current members of the United Micronations as well as Emeralkia would merge into one country as the Principality of Gapla, with each of the former nations becoming states of the principality.

Highway 81

Only a few months after its initial invasion, Emma Bunnell and Tessa Huffmire declared that Emeralkia would be invading Kingdom City. This is often attributed to Emeralkia becoming a growing colonial power or the personal drama between Emma and Serena that had been going on for some time. Due to the existence of the latter, states would not back Kingdom City and with a devastated Serena, the state fell to Emeralkian forces.

To satirize the colonized state, Emeralkia renamed Kingdom City to "Interstate 81" and eventually "Highway 81." The usage of the term is seen as an Emeralkian patriotic gesture, even today. This was and is seen as an inside joke of early members of Gapla, one later citizens such as Chelsea Chen and far later Nicolas Caiazzo did not understand or experience. Many attribute the success of the invasion to Wyatt's favoritism of the state, as he publicly admitted that Emeralkia was his favorite state and that he had a crush on Emma.

After the Emeralkian victory at Kingdom City and other colonies, it grew to be an unstoppable state with a monopoly on sessions.

The Emeralkian civil war

Shortly after the invasion of Kingdom City by Emeralkia, the state delved into an internal crisis. They had realized that, while at the founding of Emeralkia, they chose to be a kingdom, they did not choose which of the founders would be the monarch. This would ultimately end in each side fighting in a war and trying to appease Wyatt into recognizing their side through titles.

While Wyatt, according to himself, did the best he could to back Emma, Tessa ultimately won the war and was crowned Queen, although Emma would later illegally take back the position after Tessa had leaves the school two years later. Emma later claimed that she was jealous because Wyatt had "greatly favored" Tessa with titles.

Second rise of Emeralkia

During this period, the Grand Kingdom of Emeralkia broke away from Elemental's alliance in the session, leading to a dramatic decrease in Elemental's strength, as Elemental has allocated a lot of its resources to the Grand Kingdom of Emeralkia. This was a result of Tessa Huffmire wanting to be out of the Elementalian Federation and to create a new independent Grand Kingdom of Emeralkia. After its rise, containment of allies, and victory over Folia Tail in the 9th session, it has become a leading power in the Gapla and is considered to be a "major power" along with Elemental and Folia Tail.

Tessa Huffmire, who had thought that Emma had abandoned her state for the year she was gone, was determined to make Emeralkia a new, independent power, although, the lasting effect of this was not very great. It, however, retained its strong independence from Elemental. Emma had later compromised by making Tessa Queen and herself Prime Minister.

It was incredibly active throughout this period and reported to the Session Administration nearly every day.

Although Elemental has been damaged by the GKE's independence, Elemental has regained strength through its lands acquired through verification, and is predicted to continue being a major power, although Folian news networks falsely stated that the Federation had dissolved. These reports garnered controversy in Gapla, however, Renaldo Chang refused to comment.