Armed Forces of Gapla

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His Majesty's Armed Forces
Gplm armedforces.png
Service branchesHis Majesty's Ground Forces
His Majesty's Naval Forces
His Majesty's Air Forces
HeadquartersNew Gaplastovia
Sovereign PrinceWyatt Baek
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The Armed Forces of Gapla, officially His Majesty's Armed Forces, is the official military of the Federated States of Gapla, governed by the Ministry of the Armed Forces. Its commander in chief is the Sovereign Prince, Wyatt Baek.

While doing occasional drills and preparing for battles, the only war it has been involved in is the Gaplan Revolution, in which the Armed Forces as well as Hubbard Sucks was deployed. However, in its seven-year history, this is the only formal war it has been involved in, with other activities being the Emeralkian civil wars, which remains the only time the national Armed Forces became involved in an interstate conflict; the Gapla-Phoenix conflicts; and minor Excelsioran skirmishes.


The Armed Forces was founded through the United Republics of Gapla and Phoenix, and fought a few battles against the Iceecas through this period, ultimately resulting in the disbandment of the Iceecas but false accusations and therefore administrative penalties of the Gapla-Phoenixians. Its only major battle was the Gaplan Revolution.

It has been accused of participating in the Emeralkian Civil War, an accusation at that time denied by the Armed Forces. It was later found out that the Armed Forces were deploying forces in support of one side, but the exact side is not known. Common consensus suggests that the Armed Forces were deployed for the side of Emma Bunnell, but she claims that the Armed Forces were deployed for Tessa Huffmire's side.

Military ranks

The following is a chart of Gaplan military ranks. It is, however, a bit outdated, and a new version is in progress from a trade deal.


The following are the branches and branch flags of the branches of His Majesty's Armed Forces. A set of flags for the Navy, Air Force, and Army were created by President Connor Hetner of Cotter Menaceland for a trade deal.

Branch flags of the His Majesty's Armed Forces
Branch Logo Flag

His Majesty's Ground Forces

Gplm groundforces.png ArmyFlagGapla.png

His Majesty's Naval Forces

Gplm navalforces.png NavyFlagGapla.png
Air Force

His Majesty's Air Forces

Gplm airforces.png AirForceFlagGapla.png

"Cyber forces" and the IAGF

The military is also said to have a "cyber force" - however, this is not true - the cyber forces are actually a part of the Intelligence Agency of the Gaplan Federation (IAGF), the Gaplan "equivalent" to the American Central Intelligence Administration (CIA).

The cyber forces are active and have caused cyberattacks in several circumstances for a variety of reasons, including the unintentional hack of student information from a mathematics academy while on another mission (the details of that mission are still confidential) and a good-faith attack of the Principality of Sealand, notifying their government of the vulnerability. While on a web development mission for the United States of the Terra Excelsior Republic, a good-faith attack was made on the website to analyze its security flaws.

The rest of IAGF, notably the National Undercover Patriots Association (NUPA), have also caused damage to opponents of the Federated States of Gapla, including a case where the National Anthem of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up was played in an American public middle school using the school speaker system. However, this case is mostly seen as a prank orchestrated by members of IAGF rather than an attack by IAGF.