Socialist Republic Party (Gapla)

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Socialist Republic Party
ChairpersonNicolas Caiazzo
IdeologyEurocommunism, Anti-capitalism, Republicanism, Democratic socialism, Libertarian communism, left-wing populism
Political positionFar-left
National Assembly
1 / 10

The Socialist Republic Party (SRP) is a democratic socialist, libertarian communist, and far-left political party in the Federated States of Gapla.

The result of a split with the then-People's New Socialist Party (now the People's Liberal Party), as it was not considered left enough or even actually socialist, it seeks to make Gapla a republic, abolish the royal title service, make Gapla non-profit (in contrast to its not-for-profit status), and adopt socialist principles for Gapla.

This is a contrast between the two major parties, the Free Rightist Party and the People's Liberal Party, who support the monarchy and Gapla's current not-for-profit status. It was founded by Nicolas Caiazzo, the party's sole member of the National Assembly, who is considered a figure of the Gaplan far-left. The party is also against the cryptocurrency GaplaCoin, a view shared by the People's Liberal Party but not nearly as strongly.


After considering a split for quite some time, Nicolas Caiazzo founded the party and won a seat in Parliament for one of Elemental's district. After Gapla's legislature was reformed as the National Assembly, the SRP received one seat in the National Assembly through proportional representation but did not win the presidency.

Nicolas has called for the Free Libertarian Party to split from the Free Rightist Party, but Wyatt Baek said that while this is possible, it will likely not be happening in the near future.