Federal Proposition 2023-100

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Federal Proposition 2023-100
28 March 2023

Do you support the implementation of Federal Proposition 2023-100?
Location Federated States of Gapla
Votes %
Yes 49 &1000000000000005697999956.98%
No 37 &1000000000000004302000043.02%
Valid votes 86 &1000000000000008037000080.37%
Invalid or blank votes 21 &1000000000000001962999919.63%
Total votes 107 100.00%

Federal Proposition 2023-100 was a landmark federal proposition in the Federated States of Gapla, which stated:

If this proposition is passed, Emma Bunnell will remain the President of the Federated States of Gapla even after her impeachment for inactivity, but Gapla will in reality be governed by a Transitional Council, formed of Wyatt Baek, Chelsea Chen, and Nicolas Wiedemann. This is to ensure that Gapla is governed by a capable government as it is the opinion of the writers of this proposition that none of the contestants for the office of President are qualified. Decisions usually made in the executive will need a majority in the Transitional Council to pass. New members may be added by a unanimous vote in the Transitional Council. This proposition lasts until the next general election.

This proposition, as stated in the text, turned the office of the President into a ceremonial figure in order to transition Gapla into a more advanced micronation with a capable and active government. It replaced the Executive with the Transitional Council, likely due to the widespread skepticism of the credibility of the individuals running for President at that time.

It was voted from 1 March to 21 March 2023, with an official decision date of 28 March 2023. The ballot asked the question, "Do you support the implementation of Federal Proposition 2023-100, which states:" followed by the full text of the proposition. The Federal Electoral Commission announced that the proposition had passed with a 57% approval rate, and the proposition took effect on 31 March 2023, with an expiration date set for the next federal general election.