Monarchy of Gapla

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Crown Prince of the Federated States of Gapla

Crown Prince Wyatt Baek

Style His Majesty
Heir apparent Grand Princess Chelsea Chen II
First monarch Crown Prince Wyatt Baek
Formation 28 February 2019

The Monarchy of Gapla consists of a largely ceremonial program managed by the Royal Title Service as an initiative to raise money for Gapla.

Combined with several other efforts, the Federated States of Gapla has successfully remained tax-free with a gross income of over $1,000 U.S. dollars. The current monarch is Crown Prince Wyatt Baek and the office of the heir apparent is undergoing a competition, with the victor of the last competition being Grand Princess Chelsea Chen II. There is an ongoing referendum to change the title of "Crown Prince" to "Sovereign Prince."

The monarchy mainly has the power to reorganize itself, manage the funds of the Royal Title Service, represent Gapla as its head of state, and issue and revoke most of the awards and decorations of Gapla. Other than that, however, the monarchy does not have much significant power, as Gapla is a representative democracy.

Even while these titles are ceremonial, many activists of the Gaplan far-left, including the Democratic Revolution Party, have proposed that Gapla stop collecting any funds, become a nonprofit (from the current not-for-profit status), and abolish the Royal Title Service. Others state that the Royal Title Service has opened up the avenue for Gapla to earn money, not tax its citizens, and keep improving the country.


The history of the Gaplan monarchy and Royal Title Service begins with the declaration of Wyatt Baek of himself as the "King" (sic) of the "Principality of Gapla." After he found out what a principality was, he promptly became the prince and declared that all of the princes and princesses were now dukes and duchesses. As there were a lot of Gaplans that found value in the prince and princess titles, a controversy was caused, and from the idea of Chelsea Chenthe title of "Crown Prince" was founded.

Previously, Gaplan titles were awarded for grants of land, however, today grants of land are not eligible for titles in most circumstances and many of the old titles have been invalidated. After Gapla was reformed as the Federated States of Gapla, the Emperor was made God. This caused a lot of controversy as Gapla was previously a secular nation. However, Gapla was reformed as a "secular monotheistic" nation through an act of the Executive Council, stating that "monotheism is pretty obvious at this point, there's too much evidence for it."

Emma Bunnell made history when she bought the first royal title (princess) for $20.00 USD (the title is now worth $50.00 USD today, a 150% ROI, however, Emma refuses to sell her title, and instead runs a service for others to sell their titles).

List of titles

The Federated States of Gapla is a constitutional monarchy - that is, with a monarchy for tradition and fundraising but with the monarch having no political power simply due to that position.

During the history of Gapla, the monarchy was used to encourage states to verify land and fund the country. However, land grants are not eligible for titles anymore, except in rare circumstances. The following is a list of titles in the monarchy.

Title (male/female) Form of address Classification Maximum number of holders

(excluding consorts)

Holders Price (if applicable) and notes
Baron Baroness The Hon. John Doe, Baron of Gapla Lower Noble Infinite See List of Gaplan peers USD $10.00
Earl Laflet The Rt. Hon John Doe, Earl of Gapla USD $15.00
Marquess Marchioness The Rt. Hon Jane Smith, Marchioness of Gapla Upper Noble USD $20.00 + government authorization
Duke Duchess Her Grace, the Rt. Hon Jane Smith, Duchess of Gapla USD $30.00 + government authorization
Prince Princess His Royal Highness, the Rt. Hon. Prince John Smith of Gapla Royal 4 (2 per gender) USD $50.00 + government authorization

(when maximum number of holders has not been reached)

Grand Prince Grand Princess His Royal Majesty, the Rt. Hon. Grand Prince John Smith of Gapla and her Legions 2 (1 per gender) Not available for purchase

The Grand Prince and Grand Princesses are chosen from the Princes and Princesses by the Crown Prince. They are not included in the prince/princess tally, however.

Crown Prince Crown Princess His Royal Majesty and Highness, the Rt. Hon. Crown Prince John Smith of Gapla and her Legions, with the Grace of God of the Federated States of Gapla Sovereign 1 Not available for purchase

The sovereign.

Emperor Empress N/A Divine 1 Not available for purchase

The Federated States of Gapla allocates the title of "Emperor" and "Empress" to God, the creator of the universe.

Notable members

The following is a list of some of the most notable Gaplan nobles. For a list of all who have opted in to the publication of their name (most haven't), see the List of Gaplan peers.

  • Crown Prince Wyatt Baek, the ceremonial monarch on Earth
  • Grand Princess Chelsea Chen II, the heir apparent through a competition
  • Princess Emma Bunnell, the first known purchaser of a Gaplan title in late 2019