Hubbard Sucks

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Union of Hubbard Sucks
International Groups
Honesty Society International
Digital logo reconstruction
PredecessorOrganization of United People
FormationAugust 27, 2019
ExtinctionEnd of the 2019-2020 school year (de facto)
TypePolitical organization
Legal statusRebel group
Purpose/focusOpposition to Michael Hubbard
Membership>24 people at height
FoundersWyatt Baek, Emma Bunnell, Tessa Huffmire, Vera Sy, Renaldo Chang, Bhuvan Vellamena
Affiliations Federated States of Gapla

Hubbard Sucks (HS), known externally as the Honesty Society, Honesty Society International, Honesty Society International Group, Honestas Societatis, Honestas Societatis Internationalis, and officially the Union of the Hubbard Sucks International Groups, is a big tent hard anti-Hubbardist organization, described as "Gaplan nationalist" by some. Commonly referred to as simply HS, the organization played a pivotal role in the Gaplan Revolution and was the only serious opposition to Michael Hubbard, a classroom teacher in the school Gapla was restored in, faced in his classroom through its active years of 2019 and 2020. It is widely considered as the successor to the Organization of United People.

The organization was known as the "Honesty Society" and several other variants to shield it from persecution, as Hubbard was known to have actively tracked down dissent and opposition and punish students accordingly, usually by refusing to let them attend their favorite classes or forcefully isolating them from their friends. This second name was created by Vera Sy, a notable organizer of the organization and then-Deputy President of the Federated States of Gapla, which Hubbard Sucks is seen to be a private sector of.

Its membership was exceeded two-thirds of the entire 5th grade Hubbard class at height, holding elections and operating as an independent activist body of the Federated States of Gapla with goals to provide a forum for anti-Hubbard discussions, anti-Hubbard memes, plans to fire or otherwise punish Hubbard, and a variety of other political campaigns. It has been widely praised by previous and future students who have had Hubbard in different years, due to it being a rare case of the students standing up against the teacher in an organized fashion.

Basic history

A digital reconstruction of the organization's logo.

The organization was founded very shortly after the start of the 2019-2020 school year, as the students realized that the teacher who they had thought to be a very kind and friendly teacher was nearly the exact opposite of first impressions and the version of himself he portrays to other teachers and parents. According to reports by students in several school years, he employed a system of favoritism without any regard to merit, academic achievement, or any other objective standard, but rather by his own arbitrary determination.

Emma Bunnell was largely seen as Hubbard's most hated student, with Wyatt Baek closely following her, likely because of the obvious presence of his crush on her and the discovery of such made him a target for Hubbard. Tessa Huffmire, who was originally greatly favored by Hubbard, was immediately hated after her friendship with Emma Bunnell was discovered by Hubbard through an incident inside of the classroom.

Contrary to popular belief, the six stars on the logo of Hubbard Sucks do not represent the six Gaplan dominions, as they did not exist yet, but rather represent the six original founders of the organization. The founders are generally accepted to be Wyatt Baek, Emma Bunnell, Tessa Huffmire, Vera Sy, Renaldo Chang, and Bhuvan Vellamena, who were incredibly active and were the most outspoken about their opposition to Hubbard. The only mainstream Gaplan politician who was also in the Hubbard classroom not very active in HS was Chelsea Chen, who was originally thought to not have membership. However, further examination of digital records shows that she indeed applied for membership but was not active in the organization at that time, and applied after she was pulled out from music, a class she enjoyed, for discussing transgender topics.[a]

The logo of Hubbard Sucks, while not officially affiliated with the Federated States of Gapla, is displayed on the medal for the Order of the Gaplan Revolution, a prestigious Gaplan order.


Hubbard Sucks, according to its founders, was created due to the teacher's severe favoritism, inaccurate or offensive statements about hand sanitizer, masks, and people who are transgender, as well as a personality perceived to be unpleasant.

A document written by members of HS criticizing Hubbard.

Most notably, he was known to call the students he didn't favor by rude names they didn't approve of. This resulted in a perceived impact on several students' behavior and academic grades, as he was known to lose entire essays and deny that they have even turned it in, even after finding them at the end of the year. Several members of HS reported threats that Hubbard issued around parent-teacher-student conferences, and it is known that several of his students from different school years were contacted and known to have mostly opposed him.

He also attempted to bar Gapla from operating, not only from inside his classroom, but throughout the entire school because of his own opinions. As Gapla was classroom-based at this time, this threatened its very existence and caused the now-famous Gaplan Revolution, an uprising against Hubbard which earned the Gaplans a de facto victory and right to operate after a protest. This was caused due to a failure of negotiations.

His emotional impact on several students was clear due to his perceived harassment and singling-out of students in discussions. Several students cried in his very own classroom, which was completely out of the ordinary in terms of the students' age, and a student composed a Google document criticizing Michael Hubbard (it was not published). Members have expressed their social and emotional trauma after the incidents of that school year.


Hubbard Sucks was officially founded in August 2019, a little before the Gaplan Revolution, but officially began meetings and protests organized by the group near December 2019. Most notably, Chelsea Chen is considered the only major Gaplan who was not an active member, but she was known to also have been pulled out of music class, the subject she enjoyed the most, by Hubbard. It is de facto disbanded but de jure still exists.

Organization of United People

Hubbard Sucks was preceded by the Gaplan-American activist group Organization of United People (OUP).

While the OUP predated the Gaplan revolution, its main purpose was reformation of school rules and a variety of sports rules, seeking "justice and unity." A large problem faced was that the membership was predominantly male, but that was largely solved after an outreach program to the female members of the class.

Unlike its successor, the organization was never banned, challenged, or received much success. It had a monthly newspaper and died out in activity when its successor organization was formed, even before Hubbard Sucks was declared the official successor.


The leader of Hubbard Sucks is titled the "President" of Hubbard Sucks, as well as a deputy named the "Secretary" of Hubbard Sucks. Each administration Hubbard Sucks had a six-month term.

The role of the leaders of Hubbard Sucks was usually to ensure its integrity, run most elections, set up websites, reach out to new potential members, and more.

List of leaders

Below is a table of the leaders of HS.

Time period Approximate dates President Secretary Deputy
First period August 2019 to January 2020 Wyatt Baek Emma Bunnell Vera Sy
Second period De facto: January 2020 to June 2020

De jure: January 2020 to present

Emma Bunnell Wyatt Baek Bhuvan Vellamena


  1. Hubbard did not only persecute transgender topics. He was known to be a radical centrist, who praised a socialist economic system while arguing against masks, hand sanitizer, and transgender individuals.