Hubbard Sucks

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This article relates to Michael Hubbard, a schoolteacher. It should not be confused with the micronationalist Matthew Hubbard.

For the revolution in Gaplan history involving Hubbard and Hubbard Sucks, see Gaplan Revolution.

Hubbard Sucks
PredecessorOrganization of United People
FormationAugust 27, 2019
ExtinctionAfter the Gaplan Revolution and the glorious defeat of Michael Hubbard
TypePolitical organization
Legal statusPolitical organization, by some called a nationalist orgnaization
Purpose/focusOpposition to Michael Hubbard
MembershipApprox. 20 people at height
Key peopleWyatt Baek, Emma Bunnell, Vera Sy, Renaldo Chang
AffiliationsGaplaflagClear.png Federated States of Gapla

Hubbard Sucks (HS), known externally as the Honesty Society, Honesty Society International, Honesty Society International Group, Honestas Societatis, Honestas Societatis Internationalis, and officially the Union of the Hubbard Sucks International Groups, is a big tent (left-wing to right-wing) anti-Hubbardist organization referred to as "Gaplan nationalist" by some.

It is commonly referred to as "HS" to provide a shield from persecution for the organization, as with the name "Honesty Society" and its variants. Notable members include Wyatt Baek, Emma Bunnell, and Renaldo Chang.

The name was created by Vera Sy when looking for an appropriate name with a convincing cover-up name. Its membership was over two-thirds of the entire 5th grade Hubbard class at height, holding elections and operating as an independent activist body of the Federated States of Gaplawith goals to provide a forum for anti-Hubbard discussions, criticism of Hubbard, anti-Hubbardist memes, plans to supposedly fire Hubbard, and a variety of other political campaigns.


Hubbard Sucks was created due to the tyranny of Hubbard, showing extreme favoritism, anti-Gapla motives, sadism, irresponsibility, and generally being annoying.

It was officially founded in August 2019, a little before the Gaplan Revolution, but officially began meetings and protests organized by the group near December 2019. Most notably, Chelsea Chen is the only major Gaplan which was not a member. It is de facto disbanded but de jure still exists.

Organization of United People

Hubbard Sucks was preceded by the Gaplan-American activist group Organization of United People (OUP).

While the OUP predated the Gaplan revolution, its main purpose was reformation of school rules and a variety of sports rules, seeking "justice and unity." A large problem faced was that the membership was predominantly male, but that was largely solved after an outreach program to the female members of the class.

Unlike its successor, the organization was never banned, challenged, or recieved much success. It had a monthly newspaper and died out in activity when its successor organization was formed, even before Hubbard Sucks was declared the official successor.


The leader of Hubbard Sucks is titled the "President" of Hubbard Sucks, as well as a deputy named the "Secretary" of Hubbard Sucks. Each administration Hubbard Sucks had a six-month term.

The role of the leaders of Hubbard Sucks was usually to ensure its integrity, run most elections, set up websites, reach out to new potential members, and more.

List of leaders

Below is a table of the leaders of HS.

Time period Approximate dates President Secretary
First period August 2019 to January 2020 Wyatt Baek Emma Bunnell
Second period De facto: January 2020 to June 2020

De jure: January 2020 to present

Emma Bunnell Wyatt Baek