Order of the Gaplan People

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Order of the Gaplan People
Awarded by the
Prince of Gaplastovia
TypeRoyal Order
Country Federated States of Gapla
Awarded forContributions to the Federated States of Gapla
FounderWyatt Baek
ClassesCommander (1st class), Officer (2nd class)
Post-nominalsCGP, OGP, FGP
Total inductees37
Next (higher)Order of the Gaplan Revolution

The Order of the Gaplan People (OGP) is a state honor of the Federated States of Gapla, bestowed on anyone who has contributed to the Federated States of Gapla. It is awarded by the Prince of Gaplastovia, Wyatt Baek, and is eligible to be bestowed on foreign diplomats, although this has never happened thus far.

The order has three classes, Commander of the Gaplan People (CGP), which is the highest class, the Officer of the Gaplan People (OGP), and the Fellows of the Gaplan People (FGP). It has been bestowed on thirty-seven Gaplan citizens.

History and etymology

The first Gaplan order system was founded after the Gaplan Revolution, wishing to award citizens who did good for the country and to reserve the Royal Title Service for monetary income. The predecessor to the Order of the Gaplan People was the Leaflet of Gaplan Fortune (LGF) as well as the Order of Significant Contributions to Gapla (SCG), which are in process of being turned into service medals.

The problem with the first order system was that the orders were restrained to specific achievements only accomplishable in early Gapla. After MicroCon 2022, the Sovereign Prince created the new order system in Las Vegas, and it was released to the public in early 2023.


The following is the list of inductees to the Order of the Gaplan Revolution:

Commanders Officers Fellows

Wyatt Baek
Chelsea Chen
Emma Bunnell
Nicolas Wiedemann
Shaun Murzello
Renaldo Chang
Vera Sy
Tessa Huffmire
Serena Ali
Diti Patel
Joshua Tan
Mirabelle Wang
Scott Chiang
Eovnia Pual
Jean Astre
Diego Hernandez

Ashton Truong
Grace Tan
Bright Li
Betty Zhang
Ian Jia
Aditya Meruga
Bhuvan Vellamena
Irene Kim
Kavya Tyagi
George Yang
Asmi Aggarwal
Anthony Tatsuta
Dheer Patel

Adyson Ngo
Suhasni Sampath
Anusha Sharma
Aubree Lee
Natalie Oh
Roshini Raju
Anika Kurup
Stone Ho