Renaldo Chang

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His Royal Highness
The Secondary Assistant
Renaldo Chang
Grand Prince of Gapla
6th Counciliar Assistant of Gapla
Assumed office:
28 August 2021
President Wyatt Baek
Predecessor Bright Li
Successor Scott Chiang
Governor of the State of Folia Tail
Assumed office:
26 March 2019
President Chelsea Chen
4th Secondary Assistant of Gapla
President Chelsea Chen
Successor incumbent
Personal Information
Full name
His Royal Highness, Grand Prince Renaldo Chang I of the Federated States of Gapla OWP, SCG, HonOHB, HonHRFSG, OBG
Born Unknown
Citizenship GaplaflagClear.png Federated States of Gapla
Flag of the United States.svg United States of America
Flag of Brazil.svg Federative Republic of Brazil
Flag of the Republic of China.svg Republic of China (Taiwan)
Treated as, but not a citizen of:
Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg Chinese Communist Occupation
Political party Free Rightist Party
Residence Grand Center of the Folian Dragon, Folia Tail, Federated States of Gapla
Religion Evangelical Protestant Christianity
Military service
Allegiance GaplaflagClear.png Federated States of Gapla
Battles/wars Northern Emeralkia Conflict

Renaldo Chang, addressed royally as His Royal Highness, Grand Prince Renaldo Chang I of the Federated States of Gapla OWP, SCG, HonOHB, HonHRFSG, OBG and known informally as "Ren" or "Gojo," is a male micronationalist and is currently the Secondary Assistant to the Council of the Federated States of Gapla.

He is famous for his far-right views on the LGBT community and abortion, and has argued with several leftist members of Gapla.

The former leader of the Free Rightist Party, he is not very popular in elections but is substantially powerful due to his leadership in the State of Folia Tail, a rival to Elemental.

Micronational career

Unification of Chickenopolis

While the story is lesser well known than Emeralkia, Chickenopolis and Emeralkia have similar founding stories. When Renaldo heard about Gapla, he decided that he wanted to venture into micronationalism independently as the Grand Kingdom of Chickenopolis. However, most students in the class mainly paid attention to Gapla rather than Chickenopolis.

On a rainy day in which PE was replaced indoor yoga in the MPR, Wyatt Baek, who was President of Gapla at the time, successfully convinced Renaldo to let Chickenopolis to join Gapla in the union as the fourth state of Gapla.

Before rise to power

Foundation days

During the foundation days, Chickenopolis participated in interstate sessions, albeit without much success. Vera Sy named her state after Chickenopolis (Syopolis). The state wasn't very active yet wasn't inactive. Renaldo was also not an important figure at this time.

Gaplan revolution and renaissance

Renaldo applied for membership to Hubbard Sucks and was accepted as a member. He was not a major figure in the organization or in Gapla until his rise to power in the Gaplan Renaissance and his second, very dramatic rise in the next school year. During the Gaplan Renaissance, Renaldo sided with the Xadians and Musiclandians. In this capacity, he climbed up the ranks of the State of Xadia to reach a powerful military position. After the fall of Xadia, Renaldo aggressively attacked former Xadian colonies, seeking to be the next Xadia.

However, while his state got incredibly powerful for a little less than a week, he was defeated by an Elementalian task force that had conquered the territory of the other side (Ozzah). With the fall of Xadia and Ozzah, Elemental was left unopposed, and Renaldo wished to counter that. However, he was unsuccessful every time and soon fell inactive.

Rise to power and later events

Return to Gapla and rise of Folia Tail

After falling very inactive for quite a long time, Renaldo largely criticized the Federated States of Gapla, calling it a "fake nation" with "no purpose" and that "Wyatt's police doesn't exist." He repeatedly made fun of the country over Zoom, but was largely ignored by the Gaplan authorities.

However, a few weeks later, Renaldo contacted the Gaplan government on how to be active in Gapla again. Renaldo's previous criticism is likely due to not knowing how to be active and taking an alternative approach. The government welcomed and celebrated Renaldo back, and he soon defended the country in the school Zoom meetings. Renaldo then renamed his state from Chickenopolis to "Delsgade," as he thought it was a more proper name for the state. Notably, Vera Sy was extremely upset at this decision. He later tried to deny that the criticism happened, and then grew ashamed after after he was disqualified for the award of the Leaflet of Gaplan Fortune, an award dedicated to those who are loyal to Gapla, because of his prior actions.

He eventually renamed his state to Folia Tail after the rise to power, which, through the help of former Xadian states and some hard work, consistently caught up to and even defeated Elemental in a session. Along with Chelsea Chen, he was the first funders of Gapla, buying titles, a crown, Gapla Dollars, and more.

Accusations of Gaplan and Folian nationalism

Renaldo was accused of sending messages that undermine his education, such as "Folia Tail defeating Elemental > Schoolwork" and "Folia Tail > [The rest of] Gapla > School." The effects of this are unknown. Some people have called Renaldo a Gaplan nationalist due to his excessive pride of being Gaplan, and especially a citizen of Folia Tail, however, he is also known to display this for his other citizenships, especially Brazil and Taiwan. He has commented that Gapla should be recognized by the international community and that it is the "best country in the world."

Competition with Elemental and Chelsea Chen

Folia Tail's main competitor is Elemental. As part of the left-right divide and general interstate competitions, Folia Tail has always been competing with Elemental, its left-wing rival. Renaldo is also prone to arguing with Chelsea and the rest of the Socialist Party, known for posting dozens of "Socialism is Cancer" GIFs in a row in the #socialist-party channel of the Gaplan Discord server.