Dominion of Elemental

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Principality of Elemental
Dominion of Elemental
Flag of Principality of Elemental Dominion of Elemental
Official logo of Principality of Elemental Dominion of Elemental
Anthem: "Royal Sarabande"
Country Federated States of Gapla
  • Elemental City
    Asmiland City
    Mogollon City
    Ozzah City
    Princess Chelsea Island
 • GovernorChelsea Chen (PLP)
Area28.2 km2
CapitalElemental City

The Dominion of Elemental, co-officially the Principality of Elemental and formerly the Elementalian Federation, the Socialist Elementalian Federation, and the State of Elemental, is a dominion in the Federated States of Gapla. It is currently one of the most powerful and influential states in the entirety of Gapla, albeit its status of joining Gapla a little later than most other states.

During the first days of its founding, Elemental was an inactive puppet of other larger states like Emeralkia and Ozzah. After the collapse of Ozzah and Xadia in the Gaplan Renaissance, Elemental took up Ozzah's position. It retained a monopoly for a few months before being contested by Folia Tail, which is its contemporary competitor. Elemental leans left-wing and usually votes for the PLP.

Its princess has served as the former President of Gapla and is currently the Deputy President of Gapla. The state is a federation of six houses and warehouses, as well as Carmentown, a ceremonially claimed "town" consisting of a few desks inside an elementary school.


The Dominion of Elemental is a constituent principality of the Federated States of Gapla and consists of nine subdivisions: Elemental City (the capital city), Asmiland City, Mogollon City, Ozzah City, Castleville, Stanfordville, Springville, Carmentown, and Princess Chelsea Island.

The first four listed are cities, which are communities with their own decision and law-making bodies. The next two are municipalities, which are under the complete control of the Dominion of Elemental. Carmentown is a town, a smaller structure of a city that is usually less developed than a city. Princess Chelsea Island is a territory, which is part of the Dominion of Elemental but in reality enjoys autonomy from it and reports to the federal government directly.

The following is a list of subdivisions in Elemental:

Subdivision Mayor
Elemental City Chelsea, Princess of Elemental
Asmiland City Asmi, Baroness of Asmiland
Mogollon City Eovnia, Duchess of Mogollon
Ozzah City Irene Kim
Castleville None, administered from Elemental City
Carmentown Chelsea, Princess of Elemental
Princess Chelsea Island None, administered from New Gaplastovia


Early days and the revolution

Chelsea Chen, the founder of Elemental, joined Gapla a few months after it was founded, creating the state of Elemental soon after.

It quickly was absorbed by the various Gaplan powers and soon fell inactive. Chelsea was seen as a minor governor with no power during this period, but after COVID-19 struck, she would be seen as one of the most significant people in all of Gaplan history. Chelsea was loyal but not active in Gapla during this time, without seeing much purpose or need in Gapla until March 2020.

Coronavirus strikes

During March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic struck in the school that Gapla was located in, and it was closed. Due to this, Gapla actually became more active, finally creating a Discord server and having bi-weekly meetings on Google Meet, and then Zoom after it was authorized by the Executive Council. Previously, the council used Google Meet due to security concerns with Zoom.

During this period, the focus was mainly on Elemental, which, for most of the period, had no main contestant, which was slowly growing its empire and having a monopoly on interstate sessions until the resurgence of Folia Tail in August.

After both Ozzah and Xadia had dramatically fallen, Gapla was in need of a new power. While several states such as Snakaris, Phoenix, and Emeralkia had tried to claim the throne, a then small and unknown state named Elemental, governed by Chelsea Chen, was forged as the next clear Gaplan power.

After Gapla had been greatly digitalized, states who stuck to the old-style sessions such as Emeralkia, Snakaris, or Phoenix were never quite able to become powers again, and their activity levels drained down.

However, Chelsea worked tirelessly on making Elemental number one, creating websites, verifying land, and composing music. She is seen as a subset of people who treated Gapla as a career and not just a side hobby. Due to this, Elemental retained this dominance until Folia Tail rose as its competitor.

She soon created the Anti-Cruelty Party, a big-tent political party that has now been dissolved. The state clearly overpowered its former protectors, Emeralkia and Syopolis. While Emeralkia continued to be active, Syopolian activity died down, and later, Syopolis was demoted to a provisional state.

Joining and merger era

Chelsea was generally a progressive during the joining and merger era, although the Gaplan right accused her of being a socialist and a communist. At this time, Chen denied these allegations but would later give substantial hints to self identifying as a socialist while not directly saying she was socialist to gain the left-wing to far-left PLP voters during the Red Wave.

Chen was majorly active in doing what she says was better for Gapla by conducting diplomatic talks with Elysium, Promatia, and servers of different miconations and micronational organizations. She is considered an active diplomat for Gapla.

Her ideas of an ideal Gaplan state are one she self-describes as just, anti-cruel, describing a "center-left utopia."

Advance of the session

During the advance, Gapla started actually applying the purchases it bought in the second Christmas days, as well as creating a new currency design backed by gold. Mainly, this consisted of Elemental and Folia Tail (and their allies) going into a Zoom meeting every day to argue and conduct the interstate sessions, so sessions constructed during this period were extremely active, however, were dominated by Elemental.

Continuing along with the previous era and further supporting the winter conspiracy theory, the era of great activity was a period in Gaplan history when several Gaplan states, mainly Elemental, Emeralkia, Folia Tail, and in some extent Phoenix, Daisy, and Asmiland, had a soar of activity through the Zoom classroom breakout rooms. The teacher allowed for free time during these meetings if one had completed all of their work, and a large proportion of Gaplan citizens joined in the so-called "Gapla breakout room" to discuss plans, conduct sessions, and more.

During this period, all of the states were incredibly active, making movements and negotiations every day. Gapla's economy, interest in Gapla, and much more soared throughout the classroom and Gapla was recognized as part of the classroom's culture. Interest in its monarchy took a soar, which it had not done since Serena's proposal of marriage to Sovereign Prince Wyatt Baek.

Venado-JTMS rivalry

After a multitude of citizens moved to different schools, most notably Venado Middle School and Jeffrey Trail Middle School, leaders in both schools, considered to be Emeralkia (backed by Folia Tail) and Elemental, were devising plans to increase Gapla's popularity in both of these schools. Emeralkia's attempt was noted as successful, as many students from Venado joined Gapla and were later seen as influencing factors in the 2022 Gaplan general elections (not the 2022 Gaplan presidential elections) in August 2022. The two schools, inside Gapla, have been seen as rivals and representations of Venado and Jeffrey Trail.

A part of the colonial ages, they were also a start of an era where Gaplan states collected schools throughout school districts, including the famous Orange County School of the Arts. Dozens of schools across a few school districts have been "colonized."