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PredecessorBank of Gapla MUfP
Founded26 November 2019
New Gaplastovia
Area served
Global, primarily Gapla.
ServicesInvestment and retail banking
OwnerGovernment of the Federated States of Gapla

GaplaBank, also known as the Bank of Gapla or the Federal Reserve Bank of Gapla, is the official and federal bank of the Federated States of Gapla while other private, state-owned, territory-owned, or town-owned banks exist in Gapla. It prints the Gapla Dollar and it is headquartered in New Gaplastovia.


Gapla's currency used to be the Micro and the Nano, used by the Micronations United for Progress. We are still a member state, but we have established a new system called the Gapla Dollar (G$.) One Gapla Dollar equals Five U.S. cents. We also accept the LIN (League of Independent Nations) Yron.

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