Eovnia Pual

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Eovnia Pual is the current Empress of Jockromasa. She was crowned this title on July 8th, 2017. She has held many titles across the micronational community.

Titles and Styles

The full title of Eovnia Pual:

Her Royal Imperial Highness, Empress of Jockromasa, Emira of Ak-Chin, Imperial Governor of Thebia, Imperial Governor of Santonia, Governor-General of Greymont, General Assembly Member of Cycoldia, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Principality of Sayville, Minister of Immigration of the Altearn Federation, Minister of Religion of Okka, Marshal of Military Police of Imperial Barkian Federation, Lady of Pinelandia, Senator for Greymont to Elysium, Prime Minister of Federation of the United States, and Duchess of Pinestan.