People's Republic of Andzay

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Overview of Andzay

The People's Republic of Andzay

Hetay eoplepay's epublicRay foay Andzay

République populaire d’Andzay
Motto: Glory to the Sand!
and largest city
Port Socialist
Official languagesFrench, Pig Latin, English
LegislatureThe Andzain Politburo
• Census
CurrencyThe Andzain Oneymay or $O
Time zoneUTC +10h 3mins

It was founded off the equalist state of Andzay in July 2020. and ceded back to Australia in January 2021.

The First Election

The First Election took Place on September the 21st 2020 and in the grounds of Woolooware High School and the Candidates were Lincoln Jolly of The Peoples Party of Andzay and Clayton Walker of The Andzain Communist Association.

Election Results

Candidate | Party | Vote percentage |

Lincoln Jolly Andzain People's Party 75%

| Candidate | Party | Vote percentage |

Clayton Walker A.C.A 25%

Lincoln Jolly won the Election by a landslide as the voters were scared of Clayton Walker's Policies and the Aggression of His Party.

This would Be the only Election.

The Political Exile of King Sebastian The First

King Sebastian (Seb for short) was put under political Exile by Politburo Jolly. After a trial was conducted showing that Sebastian was involved in a case for a monarchist revolution to put Seb back on the throne. It was said that Mali Wilkinson former duke of Northern Andzay was also involved in the case But there is no Information that involves him in the case. He was Exiled to His private flat in Cronulla.

The Politics of Andzay

Andzay is a communist nation and follows many of the communist Principles. Although Andzay and many of their Politicians classify it as a social democracy and they allowed elections to occur until December 2020 during the down fall of Andzay.

The Downfall of Andzay

The Downfall of Andzay Occurred During the summer holiday's of 2020 - 2021 when Lincoln Jolly disbanded the The People's Party for a more militaristic approach to the nation.

After this event Andzay Shortly Died out.

Andzay Shall Never Die!

on the day 16/06/21 Andzain Politician Clayton Walker Brought Andzay back saying Andzay Shall Never Die