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Westavia was a political entity existing for approximately two years during the mid-1960s. Its identities included:

  • Westavia: One of five original states of the Union of Confederate States (U.C.S.), which was created in 1964. Westavia was founded by Steve Smith, its first and only governor. Its original territory consisted of the residential lot and house at 3172 Ralston Road in Mobile, Alabama, having a population of 4. Later, its boundaries were expanded to take in several surrounding lots, at which point it had a population of between 15 and 25. Before this expansion, it was bordered on all sides by the United States of America. Afterward, it was still bordered on most sides by the U.S.A., but on the East and Southeast by the U.C.S. state of Oceana. Westavia ceased to exist as a state in 1965 when Steve declared it an independent republic.
  • Republic of Westavia: An independent nation, declared as such in 1965. Its boundaries and population closely matched those of its predecessor state of Westavia, although they fluctuated as its president, Steve Smith, redrew official maps from time to time. It was bordered on the North, West and South by the United States of America and on the East and Southeast by the nation of Wasserland (formerly the U.C.S. state of Oceana).

Upon independence the republic faced immediate crisis—a dispute with Wasserland and its ruler, Russell Hughen, over an area called The Wasteland. Westavia joined with the nation of Gristerra in the Federation of Gristerra and Westavia long enough to defeat Wasserland in the Battle of Fort Hughen. The Wasteland was then declared a Westavian-governed territory (population=0), but it was never fully incorporated into the republic, and so did not change the size of the nation itself. Had it been, it would have doubled Westavia's area.

The Republic of Westavia enjoyed several months of peace, during which President Smith embarked on a program of cultural development, including the creation of a Westavian language, literature, and money. A minor political incident occurred when Steve's brother, Randy, withdrew his bedroom, declaring it to be a part of the United States again. This was not really a conflict, though, as Steve allowed Randy (and his room) to leave peacefully.

Except for a short-lived incarnation as an empire (see below), the republic lasted until the summer of 1966, at which time Steve allowed its territory to quietly revert to the United States.

  • Westavian Empire: An entity proclaimed in early 1966 by Steve Smith, who took the title of Emperor. This was done to confront the sudden rise of the Empire of Jeff I, led by Jeff Wise. Steve redrew the Westavian maps to encompass much additional territory and population within the Dauphin Acres neighborhood. Fortunately, potential conflict was averted when Jeff Wise moved from the neighborhood and Jeff's empire disappeared. Steve Smith then shrank Westavia's boundaries and re-dedicated it as a republic. As an empire, Westavia had lasted no longer than a month, and probably not that long.