Orange County Treaty Organization

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Orange County Treaty Organization
  • Chinese (simplified):奥兰治县条约组织
    Dutch:Orange County Verdragsorganisatie
    Filipino:Alyansang Oranjo
    Hindi:ऑरेंज काउंटी संधि संगठन
    Korean:오렌지 카운티 조약 기구
    Spanish:Organizacion Tratado de Contra Orange
Motto: "Aiszé eu án welê, asárén elécé!"
"People of the world, stand together!"
Anthem: No anthem
HeadquartersSettlers, Juniperia
Official languagesEnglish
Membership7 full members
• Secretary-General
Laskaridia George Celenic
• Deputy Secretary-General
• Director-General
Juniperia Allen Shieh
• Republic of Juniperia founded
1 September 2022
• Current form
6 December 2022

The Orange County Treaty Organization, or OCTO (ːɒ̃rɑːnj ɔːn ((help)) OH-ranj COUNT-ie trEE-ty Organ-IZAY-shun) is an intermicronational development, military, cultural, and trade alliance centered at developing nations within Orange County, CA. The organization is currently headed by Juniperia and offers aid with economics, development, and protection to micronations in Orange County.


Many nations in the Orange County sector have sought for a uniting factor, since the Westavian Empire, a proposed "organization" similar to NATO was created, but failed immediately do to lack of commitment by government factors.

The organization was coined by Ishan Jha after the foundation of Setara as a republic, and it sought to differentiate the OC nations from the two main micronational sides, the McKeenists and the New Organization of Free Nations.


The Organization is yet to form an official structure, but currently the following is the chain of command:

  • Secretary and Deputy Secretary General - Is the official executive power of the Organization, has the final vote on all matters, and can make diplomatic appointments, such as letting go of a nation or admitting a nation, of course with a proper vote by the Security Council. The Deputy Secretary General manages the appointments, documents, and bureaucracy of the organization.
  • Security Council - Is the official military body, makes decisions on admittance, diplomacy and other such affairs, is headed by the Director General (DIRGEN), the council can be summoned by the Secretary-General upon request to advise on certain topics.
  • General Council - the GC is responsible for legislature, diplomatic affairs, and a plethora of different committees meant to analyze and make decisions on the world's affairs and politics between nations.
  • Other Staff - lower staff consists of diplomats, committee chairs, and advisers.

Admittance Process

A nation needs to meet the the following criteria to be admitted into the OCTO:

  • Deserving of aid (military, economic, cultural)
  • Exists in the Orange County/Greater LA area.
  • Does not have a record of serious human rights abuses
  • Has laws that protect all of its people
  • Signs and ratifies the charter